TJHSST Semifinalists

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

Semifinalist Selections:

In order to qualify for the semifinalist pool, a student must have:

  • Overall GPA of at least 3.0 (based upon final marks for 7th grade and 1st quarter 8th grade in core subjects)
  • Mathematical Reasoning- at least 50th percentile on Quant-Q
  • Reading- at least 75th percentile on Aspire
  • Science- at least 75th percentile on Aspire

            AND one of the following:

  • Mathematical Reasoning- at least 75th percentile on Quant-Q


  • Science- at least 90th percentile on Aspire

Semifinalist Decisions:

  • Notification will be sent by email late on Friday, January 17, requesting families check the Applicant/Parent Portal for individual results. The individual results will provide each family with complete information for "Next Steps" required as a semifinalist. Summer Round applicants will have their semifinalist decisions posted the week of June 1, 2020, and they will receive an email advising them to check the Applicant/Parent Portal.