General Registration Forms

Forms related to new student enrollments and forms for returning students

Enrollment Forms Bundle  

For general registration, the enrollment forms bundle includes all the forms needed to enroll. Benefits to using the bundle include:

  • Enter data once and to have it appear on multiple forms. For example, your name and address entered on one form automatically appears on others. 
  • More than one student to register? Use the RESET button to clear out ALL student-related information while keeping parent data.

Enrollment Forms Bundles

  • Enrollment Forms (Grades 1-12)

    This General Registration Enrollment Forms Bundle consists of the following forms: Student Registration, Health Information, Emergency Care, Home Language Survey, Criminal Conviction & Juvenile Adjudication Affidavit, Virginia School Entrance Health Form, Military Connected Student, and Request for Student Records.

  • Enrollment Forms (Kindergarten)

    This Enrollment Forms Bundle is for incoming kindergarteners.

Individual Registration Forms

All forms from the Enrollment Forms Bundle are available individually, including some additional forms such as medical authorizations, proof of residency forms, the Physician’s Referral for Participation in Physical Education form, and the student withdrawal form.

Individual Registration Forms (in alphabetical order)

Continuing Enrollment Bundle

  • Continue

    This Continuing Enrollment Bundle, which is for returning students (not new enrollments), consists of the following forms: Health Information, Emergency Care, and Military Connected Students.

Registration For Next School Year

Student's Intention For Next School Year

  • IT 110: Student's Intention For Next School Year

    The "Student's Intention For Next School Year" form is used by FCPS staff to project each school's total enrollment for the next school year. Questions about filling out this form should be directed to the student’s current school.