Apprenticeship, Trade and Industrial Education

A hands on experience in fields like plumbing, electrical and drywall repair.

Trade and Industrial

Trade and Industrial classes provide career exploration for persons considering a career in the trades, continuing education for licensed trades, cross training for trades with related tasks, and classroom credit for meeting the license exam requirements for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC-R trades.


Apprenticeship is a two-part training program consisting of classroom-related instruction and on-the-job training (OJT). Apprenticeship related-instruction classes are designed to complement OJT provided by employers participating in the Virginia state registered apprenticeship program.

All classes are open to nonregistered apprentices. Each apprenticeship program has its own requirements in terms of hours and project completions. The work processes and curriculum for each program is listed in PDF format for you to view. Keep track of your work experiences on a Work Book.

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Employer Information

The Virginia Registered Apprenticeship is a training system that produces highly-skilled workers to meet the demands of employers competing in a global economy through a combination of on-the-job training and theoretical classroom instruction. It is a win-win approach to workforce development for more than 13,000 apprentices throughout the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Registered Apprenticeship currently meets the needs of approximately 2,000 Virginia sponsors who use custom programs to train their employees in a variety of occupations, ranging from high tech to highly-skilled trades.

Get details from the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry about registering employees with an apprenticeship representative.


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A credit-by-exam (CBE) is designed to give advanced placement to students with prior training.
CBEs are optional.
Most exams take two hours to complete.
View the current credit-by-exam schedule (linked to ACE course page).

Directed Study

Virginia registered apprentices are eligible for individualized instruction and study of the related theory in trades for which there are too few apprentices for a unit class.The student must be working in the trade of study. Trades in our directed study program include, but are not limited to, millwright, glazier, and heavy equipment operator.

Virginia Licensure Exam Prep Programs

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Get information and forms from the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation if you are seeking to be licensed in Virginia as a general contractor or a specific trade.

Continuing Education, Recertification

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Professional Development

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Career Exploration

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Property Maintenance Technician Certificate Program

Master general repair skills and construction related tasks to maintain buildings and their infrastructure. This program is ideal for building supervisors and apartment complex maintenance staff as well as hotel, college, and other entities with onsite facilities maintenance crews. Persons considering a career in the trades will find this series helpful for career exploration. The following seven courses are required for the Property Maintenance Technician (PMT) certificate program. The certificate program registration fee ($50) is required in order to initiate recordkeeping for your transcript. Courses for this certificate program can be taken in any order. This ACE certificate program is endorsed by the Northern Virginia Work Investment Board (NVWIB).

Required Courses
CE01006 | Property Maintenance Technician Registration Fee ($50)
TI05581 | Drywall, Painting, and Waterproofing Workshop
TI05582 | Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
TI05583 | Nuts and Bolts of PMT Careers
TI05587 | Electrical Workshop: Maintenance and Repair
TI05590 | Plumbing Workshop: Maintenance and Repair
TI05595 | Door Locks Workshop: Installation Maintenance and Repair
TI05593 | Appliance Repair Workshop

Optional Courses
TI05358 | Blueprint Reading
TI05374 | CFC Exam Prep
TI05598 | OSHA Construction 10 Hour Outreach Training Program