Divisionwide Strategic Planning Process for 2022-23

Steps in the process and timeline for developing a strategic plan

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is developing a new Strategic Plan that will serve as our future roadmap.

The strategic planning process will be facilitated by Mutiu O. Fagbayi of Performance Fact, Inc, whose primary goal will be to help with alignment of goals, processes, programs and people as we work through what our shared future may look like.  

The success of our strategic planning depends on our whole community being engaged.


The planning phase will last between October 2022 and May 2023.

  • October - November 2022: Community mobilization (Is everyone ready to go?)
  • November - December 2022: Assessment of current state (Where are we now?)
  • December 2022 - February 2023: Core purpose, goals, measures (Where are we going next?)
  • December 2022 - February 2023: Stakeholder “reality check” (Is everyone still with us?)
  • February - April 2023: Building blocks, including practices, strategies, structures (How are we going to get there?)
  • April - May 2023: Allocation of people, time, $ (Have we aligned resources with the plan?)
  • May 2023: Formal approval (Do we have the support of our leaders and policymakers?)

    Embracing Diverse Voices and Perspectives

    Community Forums

    Community Forums will provides every resident an opportunity to participate in and influence the direction of the strategic plan prior to its completion and formal adoption by the Board. In-person and virtual forums will be held in multiple locations throughout the community. 

    Planning Teams

    Specific groups are being formed to find common ground on which to build consensus for strategic plan goals and actions.

    Core Planning Team

    A cross-section of all stakeholders, including students, whenever possible. Leads in setting the broad direction for the plan, including the Portrait of a Graduate; vision, mission, and core values; goals, measures, and benchmarks of student success; the "Four Pillars" (or building blocks) of educational practices, programs and structures; educational strategies; and the roadmap for disciplined implementation of the strategic plan.

    Student Voice Team

    Represents a cross-section of students across the school division to ensure their diverse voices and experiences are captured in the strategic planning process.

    Family Team

    Represents the diversity of families throughout FCPS, with extra attention to representation by traditionally marginalized or hard-to-reach families.

    Instructional Focus Team

    A representative sampling of teachers, principals, other school administrators, district-level teaching and learning coaches, facilitators, and support staff. Leads in identifying the professional practices that will enhance instructional effectiveness. 


    School-based and operational staff who provide input and feedback prior to the formal adoption of the Strategic Plan. 

    Principals/Administrators Team

    School and district-level administrators who guide the work of the other groups, particularly since these leaders will be directly responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Strategic plan.

    Alignment Team

    Key decision-makers or opinion shapers from the institutions within the community (e.g., school division, parent and community groups, community-based organizations, employee associations, business/higher education, governmental entities and faith-based groups). 

    Faith Community

    Represents the diverse voices of FCPS’ faith community and their constituents. 

    Key Communicators

    We have developed a group of Key Communicators to represent their organizations. Key Communicators are active members of the community who people turn to for information. FCPS Key Communicators have an interest in sharing information about the school division and encouraging involvement. Key Communicators will:

    • Receive regular updates including news, information, future events, and engagement opportunities. These updates may be in the form of an email or may include toolkits and other collateral for public use.
    • Share the information they receive with their group in a timely manner.
    • Encourage group participation in engagement and feedback opportunities where appropriate and possible. 

    Diversity of Voices

    Meaningful engagement strengthens understanding, appreciation and commitment.

    list of 10 audiencesWe will be inviting students, staff, families and the community to engage in building our shared future. We started in early November with a survey of students in grades 3-12. There will also be multiple engagement opportunities and community forums (both in-person and virtual) in November and December. Our ask for you today is to ensure you engage with us, stay engaged and share in our journey. 

    The graphic shows the following 10 diverse voices, aligned to a unified direction:

    • Families
    • Students
    • Staff
      • Teachers
      • Instructional Staff
      • Support Staff
      • Building/Division Administrators
    • Community Organizations
    • Community Members
    • Association Leadership
    • School Board

    School Board Engagement

    tagline for Strategic Planning Process