#OurFCPS - Together It's Possible

FCPS belongs to all of us—employees, parents, students, and the community. It's #OurFCPS!

FCPS is the heart of Fairfax County—the community’s core. We are committed to excellence, and we know you are, too. By working together—parents, employees, students, and community members—we can shape a thriving future for our students and everyone who works and lives in Fairfax County. It’s not my FCPS. It's not your FCPS. It's #OurFCPS, and together it's possible!

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Learn about our schools' needs and spread the word!

The Foundation energizes the power of the community to invest in educational excellence and prepare students for the future.  Invest in the future!

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Join FCPS and help shape our community's most valuable potential—our students! 

FCPS is always searching for the best and brightest teachers and staff. Apply today!

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Help our schools thrive!

Consider mentoring a student, volunteering at your local school, connecting your business or community group with one of the 198 schools and centers in FCPS, or donating to the school division. Start paying it forward!

Share #OurFCPS Awesomeness!

Use the hashtag #OurFCPS when sharing examples of innovation, inspiration, pride, and collaboration.