Auditor General - Communications

Communications Updates

Office of Auditor General's periodical, Audit Buzz, provides an update into our office's work by summarizing the results of completed audit projects, describing upcoming audits, and providing insight into other audit-related tasks.  Subscriptions to Audit Buzz are available via FCPS News You Choose by clicking on the banner at the bottom of this page.

Audit Buzz - Fall 2019 Issue -  in this issue we summarize the results of the recently completed Local School Activity Funds (LSAF) Financial Statement Audit for the period ending June 30, 2019, highlight OAG's September 2019 meeting with the Inspectorate General of Indonesian Ministry of Education, and recap the Auditor General's November 2019 presentation to the Education Committee of the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Association.  Stay tuned...

Audit Buzz - Spring 2019 Issue - this issue includes the key takeaways for recently completed performance audits, information about the amazing visit with the Guangdong Audit Office and recognition of Internal Audit Awareness Month.  The Auditor General was busy with the 31st annual ALGA conference, and she was able to participate in a peer review in PA.  We are wrapping up FY 2019!  Read more to see what is coming up next...

Audit Buzz - Winter 2019 Issue - this issue includes the types of school audits, our completed work, the fun we had at the finance conference and what we are currently working on along with upcoming projects

Audit Buzz - Fall 2018 Issue - this issue includes the highlights all of the OAG's current work and upcoming projects

Audit Buzz - Summer 2018 Issue - this issue includes FY 2018 Year in Review and audits for Adult and Community Education, Facilities Maintenance, and Workers' Compensation. 

Audit Buzz - May 2018 Issue - this issue includes audits for private transportation outside the normal school bus service, contracting and procurement oversight within the Office of Procurement Services (OPS), as well as FCPS EmployeeTips.

Audit Buzz - November 2017 Issue -  this issue includes the audit for the FY17 School Activity Funds, best practices changes within the Office of the Auditor General (OAG), and FCPS Employee Tips.