2022-23 Forum Topics and Outcomes

July 12, 2022

Topic 1:

Family-Building Benefit Parity for Qualified FCPS Employees. (Frisch/McLaughlin)


Consensus to: 

Determine if Virginia law allows FCPS to establish a reimbursement program to bridge the family-building coverage gap for qualified employees who are otherwise unable to access needed benefits.

Develop a list of treatments that the reimbursement program would help cover to achieve parity for all qualified employees. This menu is likely to include but is not limited to employee and dependent spouse side of gestational surrogacy (IVF, egg harvesting, sperm collection, etc.); IVF for employees and dependent spouses even when donor sperm or eggs are used; and the cost of donor sperm or eggs for employees and dependent spouses pursuing IVF or other donor insemination. Because FCPS medical insurance benefits do not cover adoption or the acquisition of surrogates and their related medical needs, this new reimbursement program would not include such options.

Recommend appropriate structure and staffing (and related funding) for a family-building reimbursement program to service the needs of qualified FCPS employees and their dependent spouses. This work shall be completed by January 12, 2023.

April 11, 2023

Topic 1: 

School Resource Officers (SROs) in Schools (Keys-Gamarra/Corbett Sanders)


Topic 2: 

School Food and Nutrition Policy (Pekarsky/McLaughlin/Cohen)

May 11, 2023

Topic 1:

Supporting Students in Crisis and Recovery (Cohen/Frisch/)