Google Workspace for Education FAQs

A list of frequently Asked Questions for Google Workspace for Education.

How is FCPS Google Workspace for Education different from a personal Google account?

  • Google Workspace is compliant with Federal student privacy laws.
  • When logged in to an FCPS Google Workspace account users have the ability to share access to Drive, Calendars, Docs and more with others in the FCPS domain. 
  • There is no advertising.

Can a high school student email and share documents with my elementary student?

High school and middle school students can not share documents or email elementary students unless they know the student’s full username.

What does FCPS managed environment mean?

FCPS managed environment means that FCPS has its own Google Workspace domain. This allows students to communicate and collaborate only with FCPS staff and students. 

There are a few exceptions granted to vendors that meet the following criteria:

  • must be an FCPS approved vendor
  • necessary for the functionality of the product
  • supports instructional objectives
  • complies with Federal privacy and security laws

Another exception is the FCPS Global Classroom Initiative. Through this initiative the FCPS Google Workspace domain can be temporarily connected to another school domain. This allows students to have global learning experiences.

What information is collected and shared about Google Workspace for Education users?

The Google Workspace Terms of Service Agreement ensures that students and staff are the sole owners of their data. Google will only access content when requested by an FCPS Google Workspace administrator. One example would be to investigate inappropriate use of a Google Workspace tool.

Will students encounter advertising while using their Google Workspace account?

No, there is no advertising in the Google Workspace for Education environment.

What strategies are in place for ensuring a safe Google Workspace learning environment?

  • Content filtering
  • Digital Citizenship education
  • Shared responsibility
  • Security Team for investigation of inappropriate use
  • Use of a Word Filter for Gmail

How can parents access their child’s Google Workspace account to support their child?

Parents can have their child login and show what they are working on within the Google Workspace environment.  This reinforces best practices for data privacy taught to students in relation to password sharing. Using and talking with your children about their technology use is encouraged by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

Why is the FCPS student ID used as the Google Workspace username?

In order for each student to have their own account, a unique identifier is needed. Student names may not be unique, therefore the student ID serves as the unique identifier.