Service Learning Program Improvement and Innovation Plan

Relevant details and data for the Service Learning Program.

Program Overview

Service Learning:

  • Involves students in their community.
  • Instills a sense of civic responsibility.
  • Helps students to assess the impact on the community.

Service Learning is a Work-Based Learning experience. Students have the opportunity to explore career pathways. This develops students’ strengths and interests.  This is important to Academic and Career Planning.

Service Learning helps students develop Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. It also develops FCPS Portrait of a Graduate skills.

Scope of Impact

FCPS encourages all students to take part in service learning. This learning is supported by teachers and staff. Resources are available to all K-12 students in FCPS; approximately 187,000 students.

At the elementary level, service learning is tracked by the school and support is offered centrally for schools that request assistance with documenting service hours. Middle and high school service hours are tracked in x2VOL.

Actions and Measures

Goal 1

Increasing the documentation of service learning hours from middle and high schools by 50% for the 2021-22 school year.


  • Review data in x2VOL and identify middle and high schools with less service data. 
  • Reach out to identified schools and offer to meet with staff who wish to train on using x2VOL.
  • Continue monitoring quarterly progress with identified schools and continue to offer support as the school year progresses.


  • x2VOL Service Learning data
  • EOY data of students earning the Civics Seal and Science and the Environment Seal

Goal 2

Supporting students with disabilities (SWD) by connecting service learning with school curriculum while also increasing the implementation and documentation of service learning for students at non-traditional school sites.


  • Review data in x2VOL and identify non-traditional school sites with less recorded service data.
  • Collaborate with Career and Transition Services (CTS) to identify ways to better implement and record service learning experiences for students receiving special education support.
  • Collaborate to increase communication and resource sharing with teachers and school staff (ETR, CTS teachers, etc.) who directly support students at schools.


  • x2VOL Service Learning data
  • EOY data of students earning the Service Learning Cord.

Goal 3

Increasing partnerships with Fairfax County Government, Neighborhood Community Services (NCS) and Volunteer Fairfax to better align with the One Fairfax policy.


  • Collaborate with community partners on student holidays (9/11 Weekend of Service, MLK Jr. Weekend of Service, Global Youth Service Day, etc.) to create service learning opportunities.
  • Continue supporting service learning opportunities offered through our community partners (Fairfax County Youth Leadership Program, Community Services Board Youth Council, FCPS Student Equity Ambassador Leaders (SEALs), etc.)


  • Student participation data from the above mentioned examples
  • Activities being recorded by students in x2VOL.