K-12 Health & Physical Education Program Improvement and Innovation Plan

Relevant details and data for the K-12 Health & Physical Education Program

Program Overview

All Kindergarten through grade 10 students are required to take Health and Physical Education by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). Health and physical education courses provide opportunities for students to engage in:

  • Collaboration
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Problem solving

Together health and physical education empowers students to make healthy and safe life choices for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Physical Education

The Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Program of Studies (POS) for Physical Education teaches students how to be movers. They develop skills necessary for involvement in physical activity throughout life. After students complete grade 10 physical education, they can:

  • Analyzing their personal fitness levels
  • Set personal fitness goals
  • Plan to maintain or improve their fitness

Students play a variety of sports and take part in other activities outside of school to find other areas of interest.

Adapted Physical Education

Students with disabilities may be eligible for adapted physical education services.

Health Education

Health education includes the topics:

  • Body systems
  • Nutrition
  • Physical health
  • Disease prevention/health promotion
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Safety/injury prevention
  • Mental wellness/social and emotional skills
  • Violence prevention
  • Community/environmental health. 

In addition, students learn and practice skills in:

  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Conflict resolution

At the elementary level, health education is taught by the classroom teacher.  In middle and high school, health education is taught by a health and physical education teacher. Other elective courses are available to high school students.

Virginia Administrative Code

Scope of Impact (2021-22)

School Level Number of Sites Number of Students Served
ES 142 91,334
MS 26 28,989
HS 28
  • Grade 9: 15,444
  • Grade 10: 14,598

Actions and Measures

Goal 1

To support student mastery of health and physical education SOLs in grades K-10, 80% of health and physical education teachers will attend professional development on the Standards of Learning for Health and/or Physical Education or revised instructional materials aligned to the SOLs by March 31, 2022.


  • Continue revision of health education lessons during summer 2021 to align with the 2020 Standards of Learning for Health Education.
  • Reprioritize essential standards for SY2021-2022 and revise resources available to teachers to support instruction.
  • Provide professional development on the August in-service date.
  • Make the recording of the session available for teacher access after the in-service. 
  • Revise physical education POS based on the 2022 Standards of Learning for Physical Education.


  • Count of teachers who participate in professional development on the Standards of Learning for Health and/or Physical Education or revised instructional materials aligned to the SOLs

Goal 2

To support students in grades 4-10 and elective courses of advanced physical education and personal fitness in evaluating their personal fitness level and using their data for goal setting and personal fitness planning, student use of Welnet will increase to 80% of students in grades 4-10 by June10, 2022. 


  • Functional Fitness Challenges in Welnet will be used in place of Virginia Wellness Testing for instructional purposes of evaluating personal fitness, goal setting, and personal wellness planning.  (Virginia Wellness testing will be done once per year to meet DOE reporting requirements.)
  • Teachers will receive professional development on implementation of Welnet.
  • Work with IT to integrate Welnet into Schoology.


  • Teacher participation in professional development on implementation of Welnet.
  • Percent of students accessing Welnet.

Goal 3

 Increase health and physical education optional course offerings by at least one course by January 2022. 


  • Propose two new optional course offerings - Foundations of Yoga for Wellness in grade 8 and Yoga for Wellness 2 for grade 12, to be implemented in SY2022-23


  • Number of optional course offerings. 

Goal 4

To support students in successful completion of CPR, AED, and first aid instruction in fulfillment of the graduation requirement.  Eighty-five percent of grade 9 students each year will meet the requirement by the end of grade 9.


  • Introduce hands-only CPR to students in grade 8
  • Provide teachers with appropriate instructional materials
  • Provide the instructor training course to teachers to prepare them to implement the instruction
  • Follow health & safety guidance for CPR to allow instruction to continue during COVID


  • Percentage of students completing the graduation requirement in grade 9