Get vested at FCPS

5 years of service with FCPS entitles you to a pension with ERFC

ERFC is an exclusive benefit that FCPS offers to full-time teachers, educational personnel, IAs, administrators, support and technical staff. While most teachers get only one pension, FCPS gives you TWO pensions in addition to Social Security benefits.

Two scoops of Ice Cream represent the two pensions from FCPSWhat do I need to do to receive an extra pension?

It's super easy!

1) Get vested by working 5 or more years with FCPS. 


2) You need to be eligible by meeting your plan's age and years of service requirements.

What happens if I leave FCPS?

If you worked less than 5 years: You can either request a refund of your contributions or leave them at ERFC if you plan to come back in the future. If you return to work at FCPS, you can add more years of service to your pension fund.

If you worked more than 5 years: Congratulations! You are vested. When the time to retire comes, you'll be eligible to receive a second pension from ERFC. Make sure you don't request a refund and lose all your hard work.

When can I retire?

It all depends on your hire date. 

If you were hired before July 1, 2001, you're in the ERFC Legacy Plan.

If you were hired on or after July 1, 2001 and before July 1, 2017, you're in the ERFC 2001 Tier 1 Plan.

If you were hired on or after July 1, 2017, you're in the ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan.

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