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  1. Health Insurance: What are my options and how much do I need to pay for it?
    Information on FCPS health insurance premiums can be found here Retiree Publications & Resources or you can reach benefits at [email protected] or call (571) 423-3200.
  2. When do I need to start planning to retire?

    Start planning for retirement as soon as you can. The earlier you start planning the better off you will be. Please take a look at the ERFC Retirement Checklist to for a step-by-step guide through the retirement process with ERFC:

    Plan for your retirement

    1 year before

    Gather documents for you and your survivor.

    • Social Security Cards
    • Passports or Birth Certificates
    • Marriage Certificate

    Download and print ERFC's Retirement Checklist to guide you through the process.



    6 months before 

    Submit FCPS Notification of Resignation or Retirement HR-2 Form, please make sure that your separation date is the last day of your final service month.

  3. What paperwork do I need for the retirement process?
    The first document that needs to be submitted to our ERFC office is your HR2. The HR2 form initiates the retirement process. Once that is submitted, our staff processes this form, checks if you are eligible to retire and then shares it with FCPS HR. Each member is then assigned a Retirement Counselor and then the Retirement Paperwork Packet is distributed to your ERFCDirect account.  
  4. How is unused sick leave and annual leave calculated into retirement?
    Unused sick leave is converted to retirement credit at the time of retirement by the HR payroll office. This is added to your service total and included in your retirement calculation. The conversion is as follows:

    Number of hours ÷ Contract days ÷ Work hours per day = Amount of service

    If you are a 12 month employee your annual leave is paid out to you at your hourly rate. There are some limits to how many hours you can get paid for. You can check with Payroll [email protected] or review the annual leave regulation.

    Hourly rate is subject to some limits in Regulation 4813.

    *Once annual leave maximum is paid out - the left over annual leave is moved to sick leave and then converted into additional service credit*
  5. How do I know when I can retire?
    You are eligible for full retirement or UNREDUCED benefit at age 55 with 25 years OR age 65 with 5 years. You can also retire with a reduced benefit at age 45 with 25 years OR age 55 with 5 years.

    Sometimes you don't fall into each category perfectly, for instance you are still eligible for full retirement if you are age 60 and have 25 years. Since you are age 55 or older and have 25 years that makes you eligible for full retirement. You would be eligible for reduced retirement if you are 57 and have 10 years.

    You can also log into your ERFCDirect account and click on Create Your Own Estimate. From there you’ll be able to see what your Service (full) Retirement or Reduced Service Retirement dates are.Legacy Unreduced Retirement Age Graphic


    Legacy Reduced Retirement Age Graphic
  6. When am I able to retire with full benefits?
    You need to be age  age 55 or older with at least 25 years of service or age 65 or older with at least 5 years of service. Make sure to run estimates for yourself on your ERFCDirect account for multiple retirement dates so you are aware of your options and what will make most financial sense for you to retire.
  7. How can I calculate how much retirement money I will receive?
    You can run your own estimates after setting up your ERFCDirect account. Watch this video to learn how to run your own estimates:

    Need help understanding your ERFC Estimate? Take a look at this video explaining the Legacy Plan Estimate:
  8. What are my Payment Options?
    You can choose between payment to only you, or select a survivor to receive a pension benefit upon your death. You will find a detailed explanation of ERFC payment options in the ERFC Legacy Plan Brochure

    You can also watch the ERFC Legacy Plan Online Retirement Information Session available 24/7 at MyPDE
  9. How can I meet with a retirement counselor?
    ERFC currently offers 2 types of appointments. The first type is a Question Session where members at any stage in their career can ask questions prior to submitting an HR-2 for retirement. The second type of appointment is a Paperwork Appointment which is reserved for members who are going through the retirement process and need assistance with their paperwork.
    You don't need to meet with a counselor before you retire.

    To schedule an appointment, contact ERFC Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM by calling 703-426-3940 or 703-426-3900. Or email us anytime at [email protected].

Ask an ERFC Ambassador!

Reach out to the ERFC member volunteers who act as ERFC plan resources for co-workers. Find your local Ambassador or volunteer to become one.

ERFC Legacy Plan Forms and Documents

ERFC Legacy Plan Forms

·         Authorization to Discuss Member Information ERFC31

·         Authorization to Transfer Tax-Sheltered Funds ERFC18

·        Beneficiary Designation ERFC1

·         Beneficiary Designation - Continuation ERFC1B

·         Benefit Payment Options - Legacy Plan ERFC25A

·         Durable Power of Attorney ERFC38

·         Employment Verification ERFC8

·         Military Service Credit Application ERFC6

·         Name / Address Change Form for Inactive Members ERFC29A

·         Notification of Resignation or Retirement HR-2

·         Request for Cost Estimate to Purchase Service Credit ERFC5


ERFC Legacy Plan Documents

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