May 4 Letter on Secondary Grading Changes

Deadline extended to decide on 4th quarter grade option

Dear Students and Parents,

Earlier this school year, FCPS adopted a series of secondary grading policy changes to help our students with a strong finish to the school year. One of the key changes for middle and high school students is to allow students to request a mark of “P” (pass) instead of a letter grade in select courses. Based on feedback, the deadline has been extended to allow students and families more time to gain information about fourth quarter progress before making the final decision to submit the request form.

Teachers, school counselors, and administrators will be communicating with families regarding the updated timeline specific to each school.

  • For seniors, the new deadline will be on or after May 17.
  • For students in grades 9 - 11, the new deadline will be on or after June 1.
  • For middle school students, the new deadline will be on or after June 1.

*The deadline for each individual school is based on the internal grading timelines and will be shared directly with each school community.

Students and families are encouraged to carefully consider the option for Pass. For students in grade 7 who plan to apply to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in grade 8 for admission in SY 22-23, it is recommended that they do not exercise the option to replace grades above D+ with a Pass(P) in your core classes (English, science, mathematics, social studies, and World Language (if for high school credit)). 

Additional information including translated forms, considerations,  and frequently asked questions are available at the following link:

Fairfax County Public Schools