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The following provides content from the division's VRSPT score report letter.

                                                                        School: _________________

                                                                        Testing Window: Spring 2021

                                                                         Data as of: _________________


To the Parents/Guardians of: _______________________________

Results from the Virginia Remote Student Progress Test (VRSPT) are provided below for your student. The overall scaled score and performance level are listed for each VRSPT that your student completed in spring 2021.

The VRSPT was an optional assessment in grades 3-8 that was offered to families of fully virtual students who refused the Standard of Learning (SOL) assessments because of COVID-related concerns. The VRSPT was completed at home without secure testing conditions. The VRSPT was intended as a means for families of fully virtual students to obtain information about students’ achievement on grade-level content standards during virtual learning. VRSPT scores are not included in the student’s permanent scholastic record. Teachers and school staff will continue to use data from classroom performance and other Fairfax County Public Schools assessments to inform instructional plans and supports for students who completed the VRSPT.

Below you will find your student’s overall scaled scores and performance level for each completed VRSPT assessment. Overall scaled scores are reported on a scale of 0-600. An overall scaled score of between 400 and 600 reflects Proficient or Advanced performance on this assessment. An overall scaled score between 0 and 399 indicates Basic or Below Basic performance on this assessment. More information about what students should be able to do within the content area at each performance level can be found on the Virginia Department of Education webpage (…).

If you have questions about the results shown on this report, please contact your student’s school counselor or school test coordinator/assessment coach.

Test Level Test Name Overall Scaled Score Performance Level


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