Special Education Conference 2021 - Student Strand

Employment Bootcamp: Preparing Job Seekers for Employment

Thank you for attending the live sessions of our 16th Annual Special Education Conference Student Strand on April 17, 2021!

Student Strand: Employment Bootcamp

Preparing Job Seekers for Employment

Our virtual student strand on job seeking strategies and skills is being led by FCPS Career and Transition Services (CTS) staff.   FCPS students with disabilities ages 14-22, will learn techniques for developing a good resume, self-advocacy related to disclosure and accommodations, and the job search in today’s labor market.

Synchronous (Live) Sessions

Students registered for this portion of the conference received a link to engage in the synchronous sessions. Students must be logged into their fcpsschools.net account to access the session. Students who did not register are welcome to complete the asynchronous sessions listed in the Asynchronous Sessions area below

Session 1 (9–9:40 a.m.) - What Can My Resume Do for Me?  
Students will develop a draft resume through a series of interactive activities.

Session 2 (10-10:40 a.m.) - Why, When and How to Disclose your Disability to an Employer
How disclosing a disability can lead to sustaining a happy and long-lasting employment experience.  Learn how to self-advocate with confidence.

Session 3 (11-11:40 a.m.) - Job Searching Tips and Tricks 
Students will learn how and where to conduct job searches and understand the positive and negative aspects social media plays in today’s job seeking environment. 

Asynchronous (pre-recorded) Sessions

Learn how to “SHINE” During an Interview!  
Learn how to dress, prepare for employer’s questions and how to share information about your greatest assets. 

Knock a Job Application and Screening Questionnaire Out of the Park!  
Learn how to complete a job application and screening questionnaire that will get the attention of an employer.

Protecting your Personal Information While Job Searching
Learn how to safeguard your personal information while going through the job search process.