February 16 Mosby Woods Community Meeting

Feedback on proposed names

What do you hope the new name will accomplish?


Reflect the diversity of the community.


Our students have always had a strong sense of community. They are inspired to give back to others and support their peers. My hope is that this new name would give them a central symbol to reignite that sense of unity within them.



A sense of community



Feeling of belonging


Our new name should be one that symbolizes community and it should celebrate our diverse culture.

Inspire early education and inclusion


Unity, a sense of belonging

Inspire children that their voices matter and make a difference

A strong academic focus

Representation of diversity

Connection to their own identity as well as windows to the others within the community.

Community and diversity

A name that means something to the community

Timelessness- something that won't need changed within 20 years

Pride in our school community

Honesty. Unlike the way the board is deciding on selecting the name.

Celebrate diversity

Curiosity to learn more of history

Honor the contributions of everyone, even those with fewer privileges

The sum of our school's parts are greater than the individual

A name that won’t require change in the future

Not a distraction

It will instill a sense of pride and send a positive message about the values of our school community.


Remove the discomfort regarding the current name


The realization of a name that the school staff and community loves and wants!

The name should help to identify the location--Five Oaks

No controversy

I have no idea why a school has to be named after a person. So limiting…

That our community was listened to

This name should represent what takes place in the school every day. While these are great people, they have no ties directly to our school.

Not named after a person...too much controversy as everyone has flaws, even those who have accomplished much in their lives. 

I would hope that the new name would have relevance to our location more than being tied to one person.

Better than we have now.

Neighborhood, Community

Not be divisive or based on an individual - but instead something unifying

Something that won't need to be changed. Preferably not a persons name.

Preferably not a person name, but rather a location identifier


Be descriptive of the location or the sense of the community

It should NOT be named after a person...this has been clearly shared by many members of our community!

Why does the school have to be named after a person?

Not be boring like a name

Local connection -- honoring a locally important historical figure that hasn't been honored sufficiently

Naming locations in the school is an excellent idea!!!

When there are so many elementary schools in the county, the most useful name is a reference to the school's location. All great people, but why must it be named after a person?

Diversity and inspiration

Connection to community. Local roots.


What feelings should the new name inspire?


Being proud of the school


Wonder and interest

Diverse role model



adventurous spirit

Inclusion, safety, community-family





A can do spirit!


Unity and pride



Community, diversity, inclusion...like a Mosaic!


Interest in learning about a new important historical figure

Connection and determination

A can do spirit.

Gratitude & Pride

Community participation


Age does not limit ability to lead.


I hate the feeling that they don't listen to what we have to say about this name change.

Inclusion, passion, determination.



Recognition that the name reflects the community

Connection to community


A desire to achieve no matter who the student is, seeing themselves in the accomplishments of others.


A feeling of being welcome



Connection to community

Fresh, fun excitement

A sense of community. A sense of belonging.

Understanding of the location of the school

An association with something - not someone

Listen to the youth!

To feel proud of the name

Sense of belonging


What do you hope the new name will spark in the student body?


Community through diversity

Pride in the accomplishments of our namesake

Pride when the student sees someone like them

Interest in education, science, discovery

I hope for each student to feel like they are an important piece of our community.

A sense of recognition and belonging

Pride. Having the students see a reflection of themselves.

Spirit of inclusivity

Desire to learn and explore! Happiness!

Empowerment to make a difference in their world

Recognition that heroes come in all genders, ethnicities, etc.

Hope and Inclusion

Hope and pride

A renewed commitment to understanding


Sense of striving to achieve greater heights in future

Happiness, that they stand for something together

A sense of belonging, like many small pieces of a bigger piece of art.

Sense of common goals


A connection to the name

Respect for their school community

Helping others and leading service projects

Ambition & strength

Clarity, simplicity, normality

Connection and understanding for why that name was chosen

Inspiration to dream, learn, and endeavor to reach their goals.



Curiosity about the origin of the name, who that person was and what challenges they overcame to get their education and past certain challenges.

An interest in the person it was named after.

After learning about the person, it will inspire students to take action.

Meliora - "Ever Better"

Recognize what qualities are worth honoring -- scholarship, inclusion, hard work (not privilege)

Connection to community

Role model in education

Pride from where you are from

Connection to the area

A sense of belonging, inclusivity, unity



Role model to be proud and inspiration in their journey of education



What feelings do you hope people will have when they hear the new name?

I belong there

Sense of belonging ,I'm in the right place

Sense of belonging, pride


Inspiration, aspiration

I hope it someone whose name they recognize



Our students who don’t always have a mirror should be able to see someone who looks like them that has accomplished amazing things.

Included and welcomed no matter what.

This is MY school! These are MY friends and school family!

Pride and love of diversity.

Interest in learning more


We want the name to generate an excitement for inquiry. If it's going to be a name (which many wish it wasn't), we would hope for a name that students could connect with and understand that would ultimately excite them.

Connection to the community

Desire to reflect the qualities of making a difference in their community.

Inspiration that once can reach their goals

Pride - and some association to Virginia or the school



Curiosity & Hope

Pride in the name

Pride that our diversity is recognized

It is a perfect representation of our diverse culture!

What a great decision! What an inspirational selection!


Recognition, pride, and admiration.

Local pride

Connection to Virginia and pride in leadership as youth

I don't want the kids to ask WHO?

It is a step forward for our society.


Disappointment that our school was renamed


Inclusion and not exclusion. But people will definitely feel excluded when the school is named after a person.

Wouldn’t musician/music connection be wonderful to highlight.

Excited and super motivated to be in the school



What specific feedback do you have about the four names? Mae Jemison, Sylvia Mendez, Patsy Mink, and Rebecca Lee Crumpler


Why does the school have to be named after a person?

School should be named after someone with ties to Virginia.

I agree that a person's name is not necessarily the right way to go though the choices are wonderful. I would love to see something like Harmony or Harmony Oaks. I think we can pick a name that better symbolizes those great ideas.

Selecting a specific name can be tricky. Every person on the list IS inspirational! How does one select one name?

I think choosing a person can be inspirational, but prefer a more localized name. Short and powerful would be nice.

Impressive women, all. However I would like a more local connection.

Another MWES parent suggested Lillian Blackwell, a Fairfax/Vienna civil rights activist from modest background: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1996/05/14/fairfaxcivil-ri…

Don't love being named after a person BUT if you want to name us after a person- go with the person from VA. At least there is a tie to VA, though it would have been wonderful to go with a local VA person.

I don't think it should be named after a person, but if so, it should be someone who is relevant to Fairfax 

I hate the idea of naming the school after a person. Any person.

I was in favor of the name Mosaic for a variety of reasons. However, if we must name our school after a person, the choices we have been offered are inspiring. The name that stands out to me the most is Mae Jemison's. As a STEAM school, her contributions might inspire our students. I also feel that our students might be more excited to have their school named after someone more contemporary and still living. We have other elementary schools in the county named after astronauts, but I believe they are all named after white men. Mae Jemison would be a refreshing addition to that list of names.

I think the list of names is great. Being timid about picking a name is silly in my opinion. This is a time to be courageous and highlight minority leaders who have been ignored historically.

I support naming the school after someone. Most schools are named after someone. We don't fix a name that represented racism by saying "Oh well we just shouldn't name it after anyone at all." We fix it by naming it after an inspirational, non-racist person.

Growing up as an Asian-American I didn't see any representation of Asian-Americans in general society. I don't know that that has changed. I think a name after an Asian American would be a positive step. Especially considering the demographics of the school. Wish it wasn't a politician though.

Has "kaleidoscope" been considered in lieu of "mosaic"?

Rebecca Crumpler is hard to pronounce... I like all the other names

New generation elementary

Mary McBride and Rebecca Lee Crumpler are women from Virginia state. They represent a bit more that the other options which are not Virginians.

I like Mae Jemison, the future of space inspires beyond

I like Mae Jemison. Kids will relate to her. Wish she was from Virginia

We don't want the school named after a person.

Any of them are fine with me.

They do not have any local ties. It's hard to connect with them.

Camelot? Not named after a person, but the neighborhood also like Mosby Woods

My hope is that we do not name our school after a person. Same for my neighborhood, Mosby Woods! Let's find pride and inspiration in a different type of name.

These are all wonderful people however, they have no ties to our community. The name Mosaic includes all pieces of our community. All of our diverse groups would be included this way.

We don't want the school named after a person.

The names lack a local connection.

Our school has a very high percentage of Asian American students. It would be great to honor that by naming the school after an Asian American leader -- think how FEW schools in the country are named after Asian Americans.

It should not be named after a person!

Think twenty years in the future.

Another good option would be to name the school after some animal native to state like the red cardinal or a native tree like the magnolia


Our school does have a commitment to STEM as one of our specialists is a STEM teacher. I feel as though Mae Jemison could be a strong connection to that commitment.

I think that we should steer clear of a person in politics, even though Patsy Mink's accomplishments are wonderful.

What happened to Maggie Walker?

Yes, what happened to Maggie Walker?

Mae Jemison if I have to choose from those four.

With all of the people who previously supported the name Mosaic during the last round, why was it not chosen. Clearly the population at that time did not feel it would be confusing.

Patsy Mink because it's linked to early childhood education.

Will we choose one of these and then the board will suddenly decide it doesn't like our decision and we go through all this again?

Please explain what the Board's position is in terms of names, please explain why the Board feels like it should be a person vs. a term. Also whether we can find a name with a connection to the school or a characterization of the diverse population in the school.

Naming this elementary school after a person will not do it justice. No one person can represent our community.


Really, the inspiration happens IN the school!! Posters of all of these fantastic people can line the halls.

When there are so many elementary schools in the county, the most useful name is a reference to the school's location. All great people, but why must it be named after a person.

Agree that naming the school after a person is perhaps not the most appropriate. But also agree that Mosaic is confusing - as someone who moved to the "Mosby Woods" neighborhood and was disappointed to learn we were zoned for Providence.

Mosaic is a commercial property and has been eliminated.

Any name should tie to diversity

Why should Aldrin and Armstrong be the only astronauts with schools named after them in this county? I think Mae Jemison would be a great addition to the list.

Mae Jemison

Maggie Walker

Jennie Dean

Have we considered asking the students what they think (sorry if this was in an earlier meeting)?

That's it?

Yes the students wanted Mosaic :)

I want Mosby Woods to renamed Sylvia Mendez, because I'm Hispanic and I work with all communities but especially with Hispanic parents who need my help with the English language. I spoke to more than 28 parents of the school and they said that will be a pleasure to have Mrs. Sylvia Mendez the new name for our school. We know how hard was for her and her family that she needed to attend to a school classified or called for "Mexican Schools". We have a diverse school, and the Hispanic Heritage and speaking Spanish is a very important part of our community. We'll be very proud and will be an honor that Mosby Woods new name will be Sylvia Mendez.