SOL Elementary and Middle School Assessment - Parent Notification

Understand the SOL tests that students in grades 3-8 will take this spring

Full Text of Letter (Grades 3-8)

The following provides content from the division's SOL notification of testing and retest permission form for families of students in grades 3-8. Links to printable PDF translations are also included below. 


SOL Non-Writing Assessments, Grades 3-8

Dear Parents and Guardians:

State assessments measure the extent to which students have learned the content and skills reflected in state standards. The format for state assessments vary by grade level and content area. These include:

Both SOL tests and LAAs provide information about student achievement, and student results are shared with families. Reporting methods and timing vary based on the assessment format for the grade level and content area, as noted in the table below. 

Grade Content Areas Tested
3 Reading1, Mathematics1, Science2, Social Studies2
4 Reading1, Mathematics1, Social Studies2
5 Reading1, Mathematics1, Science1, Writing2
6 Reading1, Mathematics1, Social Studies2
7 Reading1, Mathematics1, Social Studies2
8 Reading1, Mathematics1, Science1, Social Studies2, Writing2

    1 Standardized SOL test; score report letters posted in the Student Information System (SIS) ParentVUE in summer

    2 LAA format; performance shared as part of ongoing feedback and incorporated into quarterly progress reports

Students in our school will be taking the SOL tests between __________________ and _________________. Closer to these testing dates, we will share additional information about the schedule for your student’s tests. Please notify your student’s teacher if you become aware of an unavoidable conflict that could result in missing a SOL test day. If you have questions about state assessments, contact your student’s teacher or the school test coordinator.


Parent Permission to Retest Form

The Virginia Board of Education allows elementary and middle school students who fail Standards of Learning (SOL) tests by a narrow margin to retake the test before the end of the school year. Retesting is available when a student fails their first attempt with a score of 375-399 (where 400 is passing).

Parent permission is required for any retests in grades 3-8. If you believe that your student would benefit from a second opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills on the SOL test, please complete this permission form and return it to the school. A decision not to allow retesting will not impact your student’s course grade or academic record.

Return this permission form to your student’s teacher or the school test coordinator no later than ____________________. A form must be returned for each student.

Student’s Name _____________  Date __________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name (Printed) __________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature ___________________

 _____    No, do not retest my student if their SOL score is between 375 and 399. I understand that this decision will not impact my student’s course grade or academic record.

_____     Yes, provide my student with the opportunity to retake SOL tests if their initial score is between 375 and 399.

Printable PDFs (Grades 3-8)

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Grade 3-8 Tests



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