PSAT 10 Testing Notification

Understand plans for high school PSAT testing

Letter - PSAT Testing Notification, January 2021

The following provides preliminary information about the division's PSAT testing plans for spring 2021.

To Parents and/or Guardians of Tenth Grade Students: 

With the shift to virtual learning in fall 2020, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and many divisions across the United States made adjustments to assessment plans to ensure safe and appropriate Preliminary SAT (PSAT) testing opportunities for students.

On April 19, 2021, FCPS is planning to offer the PSAT 10 to tenth grade students free of charge at local high schools, as long as local and state health guidelines continue to allow for in-person testing at that time. To ensure students and schools are prepared for this opportunity, it is important for families to have some general information about the assessment. The purpose of this communication is to provide this time sensitive information. 

The PSAT 10 is created and managed by the College Board, the same organization responsible for PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) tests. Information about PSAT 10 test content and format can be found at:

The College Board allows testing accommodations and supports for English learners (ELs) on the PSAT 10.

  • Testing Accommodations - Students with disabilities who have testing accommodations documented in a 504 Plan or an individualized education program (IEP) and students with certain documented medical conditions may be eligible for testing accommodations on the PSAT 10. If the student already has College Board accommodations approved from a previous PSAT 10, SAT, or AP test, then no further action is needed. (See enclosures 1-3.)
  • EL Supports - English learners identified based on state and federal policy may be eligible for testing supports on the PSAT 10. EL supports are temporary and can only be used on the specific PSAT 10 test date. (See enclosures 4-6.)

If EL supports or new College Board accommodations are requested, then parents and guardians need to provide input and consent by February 12, 2021. This will allow school staff to submit testing accommodation and support requests before the College Board deadline. If you feel your student may need EL supports or new PSAT 10 testing accommodations, please review the additional information and forms enclosed with this letter.

FCPS is excited  to provide this opportunity for your tenth grade student this April. Stay tuned for more information about the PSAT 10 in the coming weeks, including health and safety precautions for testing at school sites.