Title IX Student Complaint Process

Follow Our Step by Step Flowchart to Make a Formal Title IX Complaint

The Title IX Student Complaint Process 

1. Formal Complaint

  • Supportive Measures provided by school administrators.
  • Complaint Assessed by Title IX Coordinator.
  • Determines next steps: investigation, informal resolution, or *dismissal.
  • Notice of Investigation sent to Complainant and Respondent - (including notice of rights).

*Title IX Coordinator dismissal decision is mandatory or discretionary; and subject to appeal

2.  Title IX Investigation

  • Investigator conducts interviews with Complainant, Respondent, and any witnesses; and gathers all available evidence.
  • Investigator drafts Preliminary Report and provides to parties for their review and comment.
  • Parties have ten days to provide written responses to the report.
  • Investigator finalizes report and sends to the Hearing's Office.
  • The timeframe from the date of formal complaint filing to the investigation report being submitted to Hearing's Office is generally 45 business days.

3.  Hearings Officer Decision

  • Hearings Officer (HO) reviews report.
  • HO opens written Q & A from Complainant and Respondent.
  • When Q & A period is over, HO reviews everything and issues a final decision as to whether Regulation 2118 was violated.
  • The final decision includes and disciplinary recommendations, consistent with the finding.
  • The final decision will be paused for students who require MDR before discipline.

4.  Appeal to School Board

  • Either party may appeal the HO responsibility decision to the School Board Appeals Committee.
  • Only after the appeal is exhausted may discipline of a violation of Regulation 2118 be imposed, in accordance with the SR&R.
  • The timeframe from the date the investigation report is submitted to HO, to the exhaustion of appeals is generally 30 business days.

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