Feedback on Superintendent Name Recommendations

Community Members Provided Input on New Name for Mosby Woods ES

On October 22, Superintendent Brabrand recommended the following names be considered for the new name of Mosby Woods Elementary School:  

Five Oaks, Mary McBride, Barbara Rose Johns, and Mosaic.

Katherine Johnson was part of the original recommendation but since that time, the City of Fairfax School Board voted on November 2 to rename Lanier Middle School as Katherine Johnson Middle School. Her name will no longer be considered. 

A virtual community meeting was held on November 30 to collect input on the name recommendations. 


Community Feedback

Do you support any of the names recommended by the Superintendent? Why do you support that name?

I do support the name recommendations, however I think the Superintendent forgot to mention other names that I think he should have.

Yes, I like the Mosaic, Five Oaks, and the Mary McBride suggestions.

The former two because it is not associated with a person, and the latter because it is associated with a person who is connected to the Fairfax area and is not a more general "Virginia figure" as with Barbara Rose Johns

Yes - I support 'Mosaic'. I think that it is great symbolism that a mosaic is a work of art made up of smaller, diverse pieces. That's a great metaphor for a school!

Yes - Mosaic

The word Mosaic represents our diverse student population. I love the idea/image of many different pieces put together to make ONE amazing picture. As an elementary school, we could also remain the Mosaic Mustangs which would be important for our kids.

Yes, I support the names. I I support the renaming of Mosby Woods to Mosaic. I believe it is a perfect representation of our school community.

I like Five Oaks. It keeps a nature focus like Mosby Woods already has. I have heard a lot of Mosby parents expressing support for that name and I think it can be a unifying decision.

Yes, I support the name Mosaic.

Yes, I support the names. I prefer a name based on destination as I think it will be more timeless. It is also generally helpful when someone brings up the name as it denotes the general location.

Prefer Five Oaks to Mosaic only because we're not that close to the "Mosaic" shopping center.

I came all ready to support Katherine Johnson, now I am not sure what my preference is :)

I like Mosaic or Five Oaks because it's not the name of a person.

I like all the names other than Five Oaks. Mosaic is a good tribute to the diversity of our student body. Although I am concerned that it may get confused with the Mosaic District. I do like that the other two names honor women of color. I think far too many schools have honored white men and naming the school after one of these two women could be a wonderful inspiration for all of our students. Our school is unique in the diversity and achievements of the student body and its time to let go of the past associated with the former name and take on something bold.

Five Oaks does not do that. It also has a poor acronym.

Mosaic - I support this name because of everything it embodies. The word mosaic conjures images of colorful creations made meaningful through the compilation of many different shapes and colors, and I think the school community would be proud to be known as the Mosaic Mustangs.

Yes, I support the recommendations. I like Five Oaks and Mosaic.

Yes, Five Oaks. I support the name Five Oaks because it's the name of the road the school is on and it is familiar.

Five Oaks would be the best representative of the immediate area. Plus, since young kids go there it would be an easy name recognition.

I like Five Oaks the best. I prefer to not name after a person.

I support naming the school after a person. I think giving our children role models -- especially role models who are women or who are POC -- is important to do. Plus, it keep the school name from feeling too generic.

I prefer Five Oaks since we aren't located close to the Mosaic District. If naming after a person, I think Barbara Rose Johns would be a good choice although I wish Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be under consideration. We have few schools named after women and that would be a good change.

Mosaic District is not close or associated to our area. Also prefer avoid naming after a person

If you do not support any of the name recommendations, do you have a different name you suggest? Please explain why you think your suggested name would be the right name for the school.

L. Douglas Wilder Elementary

I think Mosby Woods should be renamed L. Douglas Wilder after the 1st African American Governor of Virginia and in the country. He was a decorated war hero, state senator, and Lt. Governor before being elected Governor in 1989. For a school as diverse as Mosby Woods we should rename it after a hero of diversity here in Virginia who was elected and built a diverse coalition to bring our wonderful state into a more forward thinking one. I believe that this name is also not extremely controversial and won't be subject to criticism.

I do not support naming the school after a person because nobody is non-controversial, nobody has a clean enough history to have a school named after them. What is that person's demonstrated actions/beliefs towards Asian Americans? Blacks/African-Americans? Native Americans? Immigrants? Jews? Muslims? LGBTQ? Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? etc...

I do not support naming it after a person.

I agree. I don't recommend naming it after a person. How people are regarded in history changes over time. Clearly- as this is why we are in this situation now.

I wish the name 'Ruth Bader Ginsburg' was on the short list - that was one of my favorites. She was a strong woman of Jewish descent who did great things for our country. It would be an honor to work at a school named after her.

I also wish Ruth Bader Ginsberg were on the list. Or another well-known woman, since

Katherine Johnson is now out of the running.