October 1 Community Meeting Input

Feedback on Proposal to Change the Name

Do you support changing the name of the school or not? What reasons support your point of view?


Yes, I support changing the name. It's not a knee-jerk response to the events of the year; MWES has been on the list for years now; lots of people in the community have known about John Mosby. (Granted, I learned about him from the National Portrait Gallery after my kids had already been at MWES for a few years...) This is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids history and to decide as a community what the school stands for.

Mosby Woods was a confederate and a slave owner, so I do not think he was a good representation of the school's diversity.

Yes, I support the name change because the current name is not representative of the learners and community with which the school represents.



It is important to make all families feel welcome by making sure our schools are named in ways that do not exclude and that do not uphold a value system that sets some groups apart as other. The name Mosby does that. We can do better as a county.

Yes, I support changing the school's name. The school's name should reflect the diverse and inclusive environment of Mosby Woods. Students and families should feel proud of their school name, and that can't happen until it is changed.

Yes, I am in full support of changing the schools name. An elementary school name should represent community, acceptance, and unity.


Yes, I support the name change. I think we need a name that reflects our diverse community and our staff.


I support the name change as the reminder of the Civil War and segregation is oppressive and demoralizing to many people in the community and the country.

Yes, because the school is currently named after a confederate. The Confederates have a history of racism and prejudice toward others which goes against our school values of diversity and equity.

Yes I support the name change to be one that is more representative of our community.

Yes I support changing the name of the school. It's an offensive name that isn't inclusive or respectful.

Yes I support the name change, as do all the other parents in my neighborhood I have spoken about this with. In 2020, it's not appropriate to have a school named after a Confederate military leader -- someone who betrayed his country and fought to keep people enslaved. Continuing to use this name contributes to an inaccurate and hurtful, romanticized version of the Confederate South.


Mosby Woods is named after a Confederate soldier and the values of the Confederacy do not reflect the inclusive values of our school. Our school is proud of its diversity!

YES...I support the name change. The current name represents a time in history that did not value diversity or equality.

I am in full support of the name change. A name should be more representative of the community it serves.

I support the name change. One consideration when selecting a new name is that the neighborhood is technically Mosby Woods, so we might stay away from any street names etc.

I support the name change. The old name should be left in the past, along with the Confederacy. We are a more diverse community now and there are so many other possibilities.


We should definitely rename our school. Our school name does not currently embody the inclusive and diverse community of learners, parents, teachers, and staff at our school. As a fourth grade teacher, I teach about the American Civil War. It is hard for students to understand why our school is named after a confederate general, when those in the confederacy did not support equality amongst the human race. Renaming our school will also serve as inspiration to students to advocate for change and justice in our society.


I support it because if we changed the name of Lee HS, why not change the name of a lesser known Confederate general. We should have non-controversial names these days for schools.

Yes, I support the name change! A name is extremely important. We teach our children this...we want to be sure we are honoring them by calling them by the correct name. The name of an elementary school should reflect a positive culture.

Yes, I support the name change.

Our school is a place of inclusivity and our name should reflect this. The values that align with our current name do not align with the values we hold within our school and community. Our school deserves a name that reflects the diverse environment and inclusive values we hold.

Yes, Mosby was a confederate soldier. He does not represent the ideals of our school community. We need a name that shows the value our students have and our future thinking values.

Yes. Our family strong supports changing the name of the school. There is no reason to name an elementary school after a confederate general known for kidnapping enslaved people who escaped slavery. We need a name that reflects our community's values and that will create a learning environment where all students can thrive.


Mosby Woods Elementary School does not represent its namesake. It is a diverse, positive learning environment in which our students/kids are proud to represent.

Yes. The name change has been a long time coming. It is important for the school name to represent the students it serves in a culturally responsive manner.


I do not think that it is appropriate to have schools named after Confederate military officers, especially schools for young children. I look forward to the community finding a better name.

If you support changing the name, what name(s) do you suggest that reflects an inclusive and respectful learning environment?


I am suggesting renaming our school Mosaic Elementary. A mosaic is a beautiful picture made from many different and unique pictures and pieces. We could still be the Mosaic Mustangs!

This is a great suggestion! All of the diverse people in our community fitting together in one beautiful picture.

Great suggestion!

love it

Sounds lovely!

Love that

Mosaic is a wonderful symbol and representation of our community.

Beautiful idea!


Five Oaks Elementary

I like that! Perfect for our neighborhood

I like Five Oaks Elementary or the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Elementary School.

Very safe name


Katherine Johnson

She was a "computer" for NASA, although she was born in West VA, her work is highly commendable

I love this name!


Five Oaks Elementary


Kingsbridge ES

It is where many people in our community live. I saw a few ideas that I liked that other people had submitted (Chadwick Boseman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg)... however, I'd love to see what the school kids come up with for ideas. Also, I'm already a little bit uneasy about naming schools after people, since people are flawed, sometimes in ways that the public doesn't see for generations. On that note I would not recommend naming the school after someone who is still alive.

I think asking students for input is a great idea!

love getting the students input

Great point

I agree. There is a risk in naming a school after a person. Especially and elementary school. It seems like mostly high schools in the division are named after famous people.


Maggie Lena Walker

Maggie Walker (1864-1934) was a Black Virginian who created opportunities for Blacks in the Richmond area to purchase homes when they otherwise could not. Our students study her impact and importance as part of our social studies curriculum. Her initials match the current initials of the school, but more importantly, her role in our state's history was positive and impactful.

Love this! It will also be keeping the schools initials the same.

Love this!

Maggie L. Walker was a leader that strived to make improvements and positively impact the lives of others. She dedicated her life to serving her community. It would be an honor to be in a place named after such an important person that cared about the betterment of the lives of others.

like this idea also


Draper Park ES

Named after a nearby park.


I like the idea of naming the school after a strong woman who actually made a difference. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Elementary would be one of my top choices.


I like the suggestion of Mosaic above! Otherwise if we are continuing to want a school named after someone who can serve as a positive role model from Virginia, I would suggest Katherine Johnson, an inspirational woman of color who also speaks to the importance of math and science and technology!

love Katherine Johnson, too!  


Mosaic Elementary

The word mosaic would represent the core of this school. The school is a cultural mosaic. With a mix of different cultures, languages and ethnicities that all belong.   

Mosaic elementary would be a school children would be proud of being part of.


I suggest the following names: Maggie Walker ES (our initials would stay the same);

Katherine Johnson ES (she is one of the hidden figures and represented strength in the face of adversity and discrimination); Ruth Bader Ginsberg (she fought for equality and for the rights of so many groups of people).

I love all three!

who was Maggie Walker?



L. Douglas Wilder or Ruth Bader Ginsburg

L. Douglas Wilder was the first elected African American governor in the nation and was elected governor of Virginia in 1989 and previously served in Korea, as a state senator, and Lt. Governor.

No explanation needed for RBG, she was an amazing Supreme Court Justice and really did change so much in the country and was such a dedicated civil rights attorney before being appointed to the court.

either name is great

wonderful suggestions


Love Mosaic

Mosaic is a perfect description of our school.


not a fan of mosaic - i think of the mosaic district

I hadn't thought about that, but it's true.....


If after a person...

If choosing a name of a person, I think it should be after a woman or person of color.



I agree with renaming the school Mosaic Elementary. It captures our community of diverse learners and how every individual contributes a very important and unique piece.

I love Mosaic too.


Barbara Johns. Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Mary McBride, a known educator of Freedmens children in Fairfax after the civil war.

love the great local connection, an educator, and a woman, cool!


L. Douglas Wilder Elementary

I saw someone else mentioned him too, such as great man and an unknown figure who deserves recognition


Mosaic Elementary as a reflection of many small pieces coming together as a work of art.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She represented equality, the quest for truth and perseverance for standing what you believe in - something students stand for.

a great inspirational leader