Weekend SAT and ACT Health and Safety Protocols

Steps for safe SAT and ACT weekend exams in schools

Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to the health and safety of all staff, students, and parents/guardians. All testing procedures and safety protocols will be followed to ensure testing and cleaning practices meet current health department and division guidance.

For weekend SAT and ACT administrations, all students and staff are required to complete a health screening questionnaire before entering the assessment site. Additional details and the specific health screening questions for each assessment are available on the following websites:

For weekend administrations, FCPS health guidelines will prevail any time local requirements are stricter than those required by ACT and the College Board. For all school day administrations (SAT and PSAT), FCPS health and safety guidance supersedes College Board health guidelines.

What Students Should Bring on Exam Day

Exam sites are unable to provide materials for students.

Required Materials

Students must bring the following materials with them on the day of the exam, which are required to take the assessment. 

  • Student ID
  • Test ticket 
  • Mask -
    • Masks are required to be worn at all times.
    • Students must provide their own mask, and it will be inspected prior to testing.
    • In compliance with FCPS regulation 2109, students may remove masks temporarily to drink or eat, when they are appropriately distanced.
    • Per FCPS regulation 2109, any individual seeking exemption from the mask due to a medical condition, shall produce to school officials the written statement of his or her physician confirming that not wearing a mask is medically necessary.
  • No. 2 pencils
  • Emergency contact information 

Permitted Materials

Students are permitted to bring the following materials. 

    Gloves - Allowed for ACT tests only; Gloves are inspected prior to the start of the exam
  • Hand sanitizers and/or wipes - May be taken into the exam room but must remain underneath the desk while the exam is underway
  • Approved calculator - Schools will not provide calculators on the day of testing.
  • Food/water - May be taken into the exam room but must remain underneath the desk while the exam is underway and may be accessed only during breaks, unless a specific accommodation allows otherwise

Prohibited Materials

Students are prohibited to use the following materials in the testing room and during breaks.

  • Use of electronic devices is prohibited from the time the student is admitted to the testing room until they are dismissed at the end of the test, including break times. Specifically:
    • Students may not handle or access a cell phone or electronic device at any time in the testing room or during break times. This includes smart watches, fitness bands, and any other devices with recording, internet, or communication capabilities.
    • All devices, including cell phones and wearable devices, must be turned off and placed out of sight.

SAT Individual School Protocols

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ACT Individual School Protocols

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