Information on TJHSST Admissions Data

TJHSST Admissions Data

TJHSST Offers Admission to 486 Students

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question regarding the admissions numbers at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). Due to the VA Code [Va. Code 2.23705.4(1)], we are not permitted to release this information to the public as it relates to potentially personally identifiable information of individual students. For this reason, when we release any information related to the student body, if those numbers don’t exceed a threshold of 10, we do not report the actual number. Those numbers are combined with the "Other" category. The number of black students admitted in the Class of 2024 is greater than zero.

We value diversity and believe that it contributes to the richness of the education at TJHSST. We are continually looking at ways to improve our admissions process. Below is information related to our current processes.

Admissions Policy:

  • The admissions policy is established by the School Board.  The admissions policy at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology has been debated and modified several times to address the diversity issue.  


  • Prior to 2013, all admission components were scored separately and those scores were compiled to arrive at a numerical score.  Based on the numerical scores, the top 480 students were offered admission.


  • In 2013, the school board changed the admissions policy which now provides that student semi-finalists undergo a comprehensive, holistic review process to assesses their exceptional quantitative skills and interest in STEM, ability to meet the rigors of the TJHSST curriculum and the potential to be effective contributors to the school’s learning experience.


  • The pool of semifinalists is determined strictly by the math, reading & science percentile ranks from the admissions tests and GPA. 


  • Under the admissions policy, the components that are evaluated are: essay question, student information sheet, teacher recommendations, math, reading & science percentile ranks from the admissions tests, grade point average and the math/science grade point average. A team of highly qualified, veteran educators, within all the participating jurisdictions, evaluates all application components and the strongest candidates are offered admission. 


  • No single component of the application will determine whether a student is granted or denied admission.


Outreach Efforts:

  • The underrepresentation of students from culturally and ethnically diverse socioeconomic status backgrounds in gifted and talented programs across the United States is one of the most critical problems facing public educators today. 


  • Information on TJHSST and the TJHSST admissions process is distributed to counselors, churches, and community organizations.  The admissions office also collaborates with groups within TJHSST that promote STEM opportunities and attending TJHSST to underrepresented students, including the PTSA Diversity Committee, the Staff Diversity & Engagement Committee, and student groups.


  • Admissions Staff and TJ students, acting as student ambassadors, go into our elementary and middle schools to encourage students to find their passion for STEM and attend TJ. These aggressive outreach efforts will continue to encourage African American and Hispanic students with a passion for math and science to consider attending TJ as their high school option. Again, FCPS remains committed to diversity at TJ and will continue to pursue our outreach efforts to underrepresented populations.