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Updates from ERFC on Coronavirus

We know that our members may have concerns about the implications of the Coronavirus outbreak to your long-term retirement plans and how to access ERFC services during this difficult time.

The health and well-being of our members and staff is of the utmost importance. Our goal is to care for you as much as you are caring for the wellbeing of our FCPS students.

During this time, you can rely on ERFC to continue to pay your benefits on time.

We’ll keep this page updated with the latest news on your services.

Member Benefit Payments

ERFC is pleased to confirm that we're processing all payments on schedule.
Retirees and beneficiaries will receive their benefits as usual through their established delivery method. We are working hard to make sure your benefits are being paid on time.

Member Services

With the recent guidance from local public health agencies, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and remote work limitations, we’re implementing the following actions:

  • We’re working remotely while our office is closed—contact information is provided below.
  • We’re rescheduling in-person individual counseling sessions to video or phone sessions — The ERFC Retirement Counselor will contact the member by telephone to review their completed ERFC and VRS paperwork and give instructions as to how to submit the paperwork.
  • We are sending regular updates via email and through both ERFC website and intranet page.
  • If you’d like an estimate of your retirement payment, we encourage you to take advantage of the benefit estimate function on ERFC Direct.

Retirement Information Sessions

All retirement information sessions are currently canceled. We have published online retirement sessions that are available 24/7 and can be accessed thought MyPDE:

2001 Plan Retirement Info Session



JULY 1st, 2001

2001 PLAN

Register at MyPDE

Legacy Plan Retirement Info Session



JULY 1st, 2001


Register at MyPDE

Accessing ERFC Direct

During this time, our capacity for calls may be reduced. We encourage you to visit ERFC Direct for many of your information needs.

Using ERFC Direct active members can:

  • View their membership information
  • Estimate how much money they are entitled to receive at retirement
  • Download and complete membership and retirement related forms

Using ERFC Direct retirees can:

  • View payment history and receipts
  • View tax withholding and other deductions
  • Update personal information
  • Update tax withholding and direct deposit information

Note: Due to limited functionality, we are only able to reset passwords for active ERFC members.

School Closures and Service Credit

You’ll continue to receive service credit toward ERFC benefits as long as you’re making contributions towards your ERFC retirement. You can verify your contributions by checking your monthly paystub for “ERFC Ret” under your Tax Deferred & Post Tax Deductions—see example below.


If you have any non-ERFC retirement benefit related questions, please click here.

Investment Portfolio Preparedness

For some of our members, the Coronavirus pandemic is creating financial uncertainty and concern. Rest assured that the FCPS pension benefits you’ll receive through ERFC are safe, and we continue to work hard remotely on your behalf. While the spread of Coronavirus has had a major impact on society and global financial markets, your FCPS pension remains well funded.

It’s important to remember that ERFC is a long-term investor—for us that means 20+ years. As long-term investors we know that losses in the short-term are unavoidable. Our goal is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns over the long-term to help ensure that your FCPS pension benefits remain strong.

Over the past 46 years ERFC has weathered many financial storms, the Dot-Com Bubble in 2000, the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, to name a couple within the last 20 years. In spite of many severe market corrections over the past 32 years, ending February 2020, the Fund has managed to generate an annualized return of 8.8% (after investment management fees). We’ll continue to adapt, work hard, monitor our investments, and take prudent actions on behalf of our members.

Accurate Information about Coronavirus

  • FCPS is issuing daily updates about the status of Coronavirus.
  • Find information about the disease and how to protect yourself on the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health Coronavirus webpage.
  • Read more on how to protect yourself and others at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Contact Information during Coronavirus Crisis

Active, Inactive, and Deferred Members

Last name beginning with:


A-H please call: (571) 424-4059

I-P please call: (571) 369-3728

Q-Z please call (571) 488-2904


Retired Members

Assistance with benefit payments or withholdings

Please call: (571) 369-7430

Health or dental deductions from your ERFC payment

Please call: (571) 369-7430

Medical or dental insurance related questions

Please email

For all other inquiries, call (703) 426-3900 or contact us at

Thank you for your patience as we work to assist you remotely. ERFC is here for you.