Distance Learning Plan for Students with Disabilities

Message from Assistant Superintendent Teresa Johnson

April 16, 2020


Dear FCPS Families,

FCPS has been working hard to implement a distance learning environment this week. During these unprecedented times when face to face instruction is not an option, we are continually looking to maximize efforts to engage and support students receiving special education services.

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

FCPS will be implementing for students with IEPs a Temporary Learning Plan (TLP) that will outline special education and related services during the school closure. Special education case managers, in collaboration with related services providers, will consult with, and gather input from parents about the TLP for each student which will outline the prioritized goals, accommodations and services that will be addressed during the school closure.

The TLP is a letter that will identify the continuity of learning services that will be provided to students between now and the end of the school year. This week, FCPS provided training for school staff on how to draft and implement the TLP. While the expectation is that plans are completed by school staff by the end of April, there is recognition that flexibility in the timeline is needed due to individual family circumstances.

Distance Learning

The Special Education Distance Learning Plan section of our website has gone live this week. It includes information about Temporary Learning Plans, IEP Meetings, Eligibility Meetings, instructional packets, who to contact, roles and responsibilities of staff during distance learning, and a link to the complete FCPS distance learning plan to include special education resources.

FCPS Special Services is also in the process of developing a special education COVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions document for parents and school staff. We have received a number of questions and hope that this information will be helpful for community members as we progress through this challenging time of unknowns. Additional resources related to mental health for students and families are located on the Special Services webpage: https://www.fcps.edu/blog/talking-children-about-coronavirus.

Our thanks to the leadership of the Special Education PTA for their collaboration and contribution of the video on How to Navigate the Accommodations Toolkit. We will continue to update the special education webpage as more information becomes available.

Teresa Johnson
Assistant Superintendent