Glen Forest ES Community Feedback

Feedback Collected at Boundary Scope Meeting

Glen Forest ES Boundary Scope Meeting – June 10, 2019

What schools should be considered as part of the proposed boundary change?
Sleepy Hollow 
Bailey’s Elementary 
Bailey’s Upper
Bailey’s, Bailey’s Upper - Move kids from the Jefferson & Holly Brooke (West of Manchester and Glen Carlyn)
Parklawn ES – SW of Lacey; end gerrymandering however, low density area, single family homes
Sleepy Hollow – shift from Bailey’s ES/Bailey’s Upper
Weyanoke – shift students here from Parklawn
Belvedere and Sleepy Hollow should be considered in addition to current schools. Boundary changes cause a domino effect. 
All schools need to be considered to reduce over population/trailers/lunchtimes, etc. 

What are the benefits of changing the boundary?
Remove trailers
Relieves traffic congestion 
Safer school environment (weather, external threats)
Better align capacity
Improve bus/transportation
Potential removal of modular
Improve neighborhood relations/atmosphere
Balance students with available facilities
Teacher parking, hopefully reduce ticketing of teachers/staff parking in residential areas
Condense lunchtime schedule
Reduce number of buses and improve traffic flow
Smaller class sizes
Less traffic issues
No/fewer modules
More/enough parking spaces
More flexibility in schedule
Fewer buses = smoother arrival/dismissal
More space
Less congestion
Less stress on teachers, students, community
Greater teacher retention
Teachers getting ticketed (parking) will be reduced

What are the challenges of changing the boundary?
Status quo
Parental concerns
Family/sibling separation
Property value changes
Negatively impact diversity
Impact settled expectations (home purchase)
Less ideal for some students
Transportation, adjustment
Siblings split up?
Maintain socio-economic diversity of all impacted schools
Keep neighborhood together
Maintain or increase ethnic diversity
Splitting families between schools
Change in demographics
More strain on the surrounding schools
Keeping diversity
Parking = major issue
Need to hold space for immersion
Keeping kids with neighborhood friends
Buy a house expecting to stay in school
Parents are set on school for their child

What else would you like FCPS to know?
Afraid of potential road being built without solving real issue of crowding
Can the community be provided with the number of students in each subarea of Glen Forest’s attendance boundary?
Provide sufficient notice
Fix overcrowding here!
Transfer to Arlington?
Meeting not well publicized 
We should know number of out of boundary at Bailey’s 
What would Sleepy Hollow capacity be with additional trailers/modular?
Can we build on existing land/property?
What is the projected growth in the area? Seven Corners? Amazon coming
Keep diversity at GFES
Clarification on the grandfather clause
Transportation for parents
Consider an upper and lower
Reuse a building 
Only one side of street parking
Add another school site
Add traffic guard
Safety needs to strongly be considered (walking)
Add parking structure
Make Glen Carlyn Road the boundary