Fairfax/Oakton ES Community Meeting Feedback

Fairfax/Oakton ES Community Meeting Feedback

A new school is proposed to be constructed in the Fairfax/Oakton area to address the projected enrollment growth and current capacity challenges in that area. The proposed school site is included in the Capital Improvement Program for FY 2020-24.  

Based upon community feedback, FCPS staff continues evaluating the merits of the Blake Lane site for the new Fairfax/Oakton elementary school. Staff review of the Blake Lane site includes parking, traffic, pyramid enrollment trends, boundaries, instructional programs along with park and community use which could take up to a year. The review will coincide with the planned renovation/expansion at Mosby Woods Elementary School.


S 1. Will the Waterford Townhome community and other communities nearby be zoned to go to the new school?

It has not been determined which areas will be reassigned to the new Fairfax/Oakton ES. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-24 (p. 46) states that the new Fairfax/Oakton ES will potentially begin scoping in Fall 2020 with a potential boundary adjustment study beginning in Spring 2021. Recommended boundary adjustment options and program changes are included in the CIP for future consideration only. Any option chosen for potential implementation will be discussed and decided through a transparent process that engages the community, in accordance with School Board Policies and Regulations. This includes adjustments needed for advanced academic program centers at existing facilities and newly identified site locations, and adjustments needed for middle school and high school boundaries. It is anticipated, upon opening the new school, it is likely that the majority of the students will be part of the Oakton HS pyramid.

S 2. Will kids be allowed to walk? There are no walkers for Oakton ES.
See answer (School, answer S1). Although the boundaries have yet to be determined, we would like to create a school which affords more students the opportunity to walk to school, instead of taking a bus or being dropped off by their parents. The new location currently has more than 300 students who would be able to walk to the facility.

S 3. Who will attend school?
See answer (School, answer S1).
S 4. Will families get to decide school if in last year of school?

See answer (School, answer S1). Typically, when a boundary decision is made, the School Board grandfathers seniors with transportation. However, if seniors are not grandfathered, parents or guardians may submit an online student transfer application for students who relocate to a different school boundary within Fairfax County but wish to remain enrolled at the requested school for the final year of elementary, middle, or high school. In these cases, school capacity factors will not prevent approval. The enrolling parent may access the online student transfer application from the Student Transfer website and must have a Student Information System - SIS Parent Account to submit the request. If a parent does not have a SIS Parent Account, they need to send a request to their child's school to obtain an activation key. 

Enrolling Parent

Student Transfers

Student Information System - SIS Parent Account

S 5. Economic diversity of new school? All townhomes?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 6. How many students do you estimate will come from: Metro West at final build out (apt building)? Metro Row? Scout on the Circle (in Fairfax City)? Where will those students go?
The below estimated student yield is based on the FCPS 2015 Countywide Student Yield Ratios. The elementary, middle, and high schools listed in the below table for each of these developments are based on the assigned SY 2018-19 school boundaries.

Development FCPS Estimated Student Yield Elementary School (ES) Middle School (MS) High School (HS)
Metro West     302 Marshall Road ES  Thoreau MS  Oakton HS
Metro Row 64 Marshall Road ES Thoreau MS Oakton HS
Scout on the Circle   45 Daniels Run ES   Lanier MS Fairfax HS

S 7. Why is a school not being proposed for areas with new development and housing? Metro, Fairfax Circle, etc?
The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-24 (p. 29) includes details on how FCPS monitors residential development through development review and field verification of the development status. FCPS works with the Fairfax County government to determine the impact planned housing proposed from comprehensive plan studies and rezoning applications would have on school facilities. School impact analysis memos with estimated student yields from the planned and proposed development are provided to Fairfax County government and to the appropriate School Board members. In addition to estimated student yields for comprehensive plan studies and rezoning applications, recommendations to address future school facilities needs are also provided to Fairfax County government.

S 8. Will a new school bring more students?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 9. Where will people go for recreation? By taking limited space for younger students, you displace older and take away their place to live/play.
Our intention is to construct this as a community school. FCPS and the Fairfax County Park Authority are collaborating on the design of the green space to meet the needs of both the school and the community. The school itself is specifically designed to enhance and encourage the use of the facility by the local community.

S 10. What type of school will the new school be?
The current plan is for the school to be an elementary level school. See answer (School, answer S1).  

S 11. With the building of a new school will Oakton ES lose its economic diversity?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 12. What capacity is the school planned for?
Capacity of the school will be determined during the design committee process. In order to determine capacity, the design committee will use current and projected enrollment figures in conjunction with an inventory of our current facilities. This process will compute capacity in accordance with our ultimate goal of providing a safe and accessible learning environment for all students.
S 13. If our kids are redistricted for the new school, can we opt to keep them at their old schools? Will they be allowed to stay?
A student is expected to attend the school that serves his or her attendance area as determined by the FCPS Boundary Information System, and every effort is made towards that end. However, a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in FCPS may request a student transfer for his or her school-aged child (K-12) to attend a non-base school. 

FCPS considers student transfer requests for the reasons outlined in Regulation 2230, which are as follows:

  • Child Care Hardship (K-6)
  • Medical, Emotional, or Social Adjustment
  • Child of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Employee
  • High School Curricular Program
  • Siblings
  • Family Relocation 
  • Senior Status
  • Resident on Military Installation 

Applicants must provide specific documentation to support the transfer request. Student transfers will be considered if the school capacity, grade-level capacity, and the school curricular program at the requested school will permit, as determined by FCPS. The Department of Facilities and Transportation Services identifies school capacity and school open/closed status in February and May for the upcoming school year. 

Detailed information regarding the student transfer application process is available on the Student Transfer website.

S 14. Why can’t kids go to Crossfield?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 15. Where will kids go to middle school?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 16. What are the impacts to current Oakton ES students? Will they need to move? Boundary impacts?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 17. Where will it feed to middle school?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 18. Why not a middle school? This would support a pyramid allowing the elementary schools to feed to a new middle school that then feeds to Oakton HS. Right now Mosby/Oakton feed to Luther Jackson JMS and Thoreau MS and those students are then fed to many high schools (LJMS) or mainly Madison (Thoreau).
At 10 acres, the site is not large enough to support the construction of a middle school.

S 19. Boundaries: Where the students will come from, and what MS and HS the students will attend.
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 20. Will this help the overcrowding at Mosby Woods?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 21. What pyramid will the Blake Lane School be in?

See answer (School, answer S1). Although the boundaries have yet to be determined, upon its opening, it is likely that the majority of the students will be a part of the Oakton HS pyramid.

S 22. Will it be a title 1 school?
See answer (School, answer S1).

S 23. How many students from Oakton Elementary are on the Blake Lane side of 123?

See answer (School, answer S1). 

S 24. Do you have the demographics for those kids? Any free or reduced lunch?

See answer (School, answer S1). 

CIP Funding

CIP 1. Is school construction funded? Are additional bonds/referendums/votes expected?
The design is funded by the 2017 Bond Referendum. The construction will be funded in a future Bond Referendum. The bond year for construction has yet to be determined. 

CIP 2. How unfortunate to pit worthy needs against one another park vs school or one park vs another park. Why not save all parks and find the funds to buy some of the unused office space in our county? 
As you may be aware, this site was proffered as a school as a condition of the development which currently surrounds the property. Neither Fairfax County Government nor FCPS have sufficient funds to purchase a facility or property in the area. 

CIP 3. There are four facilities near Towers: Thaiss Park (woods/trails/ballfields), East Blake Lane Park (woods/trails), Providence District Community Center, and Nottoway Park (walking distance). The only facility near Blake Lane is Borge Street, a tiny green area. Why take BLP instead of the Towers site?
The Blake Lane site was chosen because the FCPS-owned site along Route 29 does not have road frontage. After meeting with Fairfax County Government, it was decided that the Blake Lane site was better situated to house a school. 
CIP 4. What does the School Board and the county intend to do with their property near Tower Park?
At this point in time, no plans for the properties that were referenced have been made.


TW 1. How will you control traffic especially around Bushman and Borge Street? There are already cars which run stop sign near Borge St. and kids are at that park in spring, summer, and fall.
The on-going traffic study will help determine what traffic control measures are necessary. FCPS will cooperate with Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) and/or Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to ease both current traffic issues in the area, and new traffic impacts due to the construction of the new elementary school. Examples could include, but are not limited to: speed bumps, speed humps, speed tables, crosswalks, traffic signals, updgrades to already in place pedestrian infrastructure, and crossing guards (FCPD criteria).

TW 2. Will kids be allowed to walk? There are no walkers for Oakton ES.
See answer (School, answer S1). Although the boundaries have yet to be determined, our preference is that having children walk to school is preferable. The new location currently has more than 300 students who would be able to walk to the facility.  

TW 3. Safety first! We can’t walk our kids to OES because of safety issues. How can you make this “planned school” safe for our kids? Keep the green space for our kids’ soccer practice! 
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). Other safety control options could include, but not limited to: perimeter fencing, staff controlled kiss and ride, keyed and card access only entry, and visual control of entrances from inside the building. A soccer field will be included in the proposed site plan.

TW 4. How will traffic to Oakton High School on Blake Lane be addressed with the increase in traffic driving by the new school?
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). This could include, but not limited to: additional traffic lights along Blake Lane. 

TW 5. Traffic especially on Bushman. Need speed bumps on Bushman because of blind curve.
Noted. See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). This issue was raised at our first design committee meeting in December 2018.

TW 6. What will be done to mitigate traffic impacts? On Blake Lane and on residential areas off Bushman, Borge?
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1).

TW 7. The traffic is already so horrible. You are potentially creating weekly accidents with kids involved. What are you thinking?
The traffic study is on-going. Preliminary reports tend to agree with your statement, that Blake Lane along with multiple roads throughout the county are congested. FCPS is committed to implementing needed traffic control measures. See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). FCPS views this as an opportunity to improve current conditions.

TW 8. The school (in the designated area) is fine – if it is safe for kids! Will safety measures be put in place for crossing Blake Lane on foot?
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). If the traffic study and/or FCDOT/VDOT determine a need for a traffic signal at the intersection of Bushman and Blake Lane, then pedestrian traffic would be able to cross Blake Lane.

TW 9. Will traffic signals be put in?
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1).

TW 10. Can you survey traffic when the government shutdown is over?
The traffic study will encompass a variety of traffic scenarios, and will not be limited to any one time frame.

TW 11. Traffic lights? Neighbors park on Bushman Drive?
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). FCPS is aware of neighborhood parking along Bushman Drive.

TW 12. Given the number of accidents on Blake Lane en route to Oakton HS, how can you approve build before traffic study? Dangerous.
See answers (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1) and (CIP Funding, answer CIP1). The traffic study is part of the planning process, and planning has been funded. The construction funding will be voted on in the future.

TW 13. What is the possibility of traffic lights on Blake Lane and Bushman? Without or with school traffic is dangerous on Blake Lane. I understand Oakton Elementary has tried for a light for years.
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). The likelihood of a traffic light at Blake Lane and Bushman Drive increases with construction of a new school.


CD 1. How long will construction last? Impact of construction? Hours? Noise?
Construction duration is expected to be 16-18 months. Work will occur during hours allowed by the county’s noise ordinance. FCPS (Office of Design and Construction) will have on-site representation present during all working hours to help enforce noise ordinance compliance. 

CD 2. Will design and plans be made public so we can understand safety, noise, light, crime, etc.?
The design will be presented during a public meeting. There will also be updates posted to a Fairfax/Oakton (Blake Lane) ES link on the FCPS website.

CD 3. Why don’t you add floors to existing schools?
In order to add floors to existing schools, a large number of students would need to be displaced. Adequate adjacent property does not exist for this displacement. Secondly, many of the existing school buildings do not have the structural integrity to incorporate or construct a second or third floor above the existing structure. Although not impossible, the constructability value is very low, due to the increased cost of displacement of students and structural elements of the construction. Thirdly, many existing school buildings are at the FAR (Floor Area Ratio) limit. Oakton ES is an example of a school which has reached its FAR limit, this per county zoning requirements, precludes any additional square footage at that location. 

CD 4. What opportunities do we have to participate in the design and planning process?
A design committee has been formed. The committee consists of a number of parents and/or neighbors living near the Blake Lane site. This committee will meet every few months. 

CD 5. Best practices from other counties and countries, retrofit buildings, create convertible/rotating spaces in existing schools?
This is the same practice that FCPS follows. However in this case, some of the other schools are limited through zoning, and already have very large populations or have site limitations such as lack of a sanitary system. Our preference is to avoid the construction of a new facility whenever possible.

CD 6. Will the property be fenced?
Fencing the property has yet to be determined. County screening requirements, FCPS, and community preference could include fencing.

CD 7. Why not add floors to the existing schools? I am in the development business and understand the process and impact.
See answer (Construction/Design, answer CD1).

CD 8. I would like the design process to emphasize the inclusion of safe walking and biking facilities so that this can be a true “community school.” Accessible by all members of the community. Thanks!
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW1). Potential traffic lights would allow for better pedestrian access to the site/school. Bike facilities will be part of the site plan.

CD 9. This is an urban area. Why does FCPS continue to build one story schools instead of buildings that are more appropriate for the local population density? And save some green space?
The building design will be multiple stories (most likely (3) three). This will allow for increased green space and athletic fields.

CD 10. Parking is an issue, people would like to know how it will be addressed, and how much green space the parking and driveways will take.
A parking lot to serve the school will be shown on the design site plan. Once the plan is more fully developed, FCPS will have green space acreage numbers to share. The (3) three story school model will help mitigate the loss of green space on the site.


E 1. What would be the “green” footprint as it has been mentioned in the FCPS information?
As you may be aware, FCPS is a member of CHPS (Collaborative for High Performing Schools). FCPS’ Office of Design & Construction actually created the standard which is now used throughout the state. CHPS is focused upon sustainable design practices which enhances the learning environment for students, while focusing upon the local and global environment as well. See the website at: https://chps.net/

E 2. As a resident close to Bushman on Oakwood Chase Court: concerned about beauty – what will the site look like from Bushman? Light pollution?
The plan has not yet been developed to the extent necessary to specifically address this question. Any light pollution is mitigated by electronic lighting controls and cutoff broadcast lighting fixtures, which are utilized at parking lot locations. The building’s design will include security type wall pack lighting fixtures, which do remain on during night time hours. The plan will adhere to all applicable county light trespassing codes.

E 3. Will the school be built with aspects of green building? (LEED, sustainable, etc.)
The design will include sustainable aspects in accordance with CHPS standards. For more information on CHPS, see the website at: https://chps.net/ 
This could include, but not limited to: LED lighting, light harvesting, low VOC products, increased BMP, low-e glass, highly reflective roofing systems.

E 4. What is being done to address the loss of green space and the dog park?
FCPS will work in a cooperative way with the local health department and design committee to possibly implement a dog park in the site plan. Green space is being maximized by the utilization of a multi-story building design.

E 5. Environmental impact study? Results public?
The construction of the building will undergo a thorough review by both the local and state environmental agencies. At the time of construction, the facility will be constructed in accordance with local, state and federal codes and laws.

E 6. How will the Blake Lane elementary school at the Blake Lane site conserve open space for community use? Build up – including above ground parking garage with kiss and ride on the ground floor so the site isn’t consumed by surface parking.
See answer (Construction/Design, answer CD10). The green space will be open for community use. Building a parking garage is cost prohibitive and poses safety concerns. 


DPC 1. Please list all of the HOAs that were informed of this decision
The following HOA’s were sent certified letter invitations to a community meeting held in August of 2018. FCPS used addresses provide by the Board of Supervisors' office: Oakton Condo, Oakleigh Homeowners Association, Trevor House Condominium, Vista of Vienna Condominium, Mayfair Manor Homeowners Association, Oak Creek Homeowners Association, Blakelee Homeowners Association, and Concord Village Homeowners Association.

DPC 2. The county rezones properties all the time. Please explain why FCPS and the county are unable to rezone properties at the Towers site?
The Towers site that FCPS owns is slightly more than 5 acres and landlocked between residential properties, a Board of Supervisors (BOS) property and Fairfax County Park Authority property. It also lacks road frontage as well. This is not necessarily a matter of rezoning, but a joint determination between the School Board and BOS that the Blake Lane site is more suitable for a school at this time. 

DPC 3. Why did this not get factored when Oakton ES was expanded?
Oakton ES is an example of a school which has reached its Floor Area Ratio (FAR) limit, whereas zoning limits preclude any additional square footage at that location. FCPS factored this into the design process when Oakton ES was renovated.

DPC 4. What specifically will it take to change the decision to build at Blake Lane Park? What can we do as community members to be included in the decision?
A design committee was formed this fall with HOA representatives to represent their community and provide feedback to help in decision making. 

DPC 5. Is there going to be a vote? A citizen vote?
As you may be aware, the planning funds were already approved by the citizens in the 2017 Bond Referendum. The construction funds will be included in another bond referendum and the citizens will have the opportunity to vote at that time. 

DPC 6. Why don’t you have a special election to see if residents agree with your plan? Including expenditures, losing green space, traffic, etc.
See answer (Decision/Process/Communication, answer  DPC5). 

DPC 7. School district transferred to Supervisors for bond referendum. Why does schools still have claims?
The site is currently zoned as Planned Development Housing District (PDH). Article 6 of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance includes Public Use as one of the principal uses permitted at the site. Public Schools is one of the four major Public Facilities Element of the county's Comprehensive Plan.

The School Board transferred the site to Fairfax County Park Authority to utilize undeveloped site on an interim basis to meet community needs for park and recreational facilities. (See supporting documents for Blake Lane Deed and Blake Lane Agreement at bottom of page).

DPC 8. How was outreach to HOAs performed? Trevor House (2 blocks away) was not informed to my knowledge (from a board member).
See answer (Decision/Process/Communication, answer DPC1). Trevor House was on the original list, but the certified letter was returned to sender. An email was then sent to Trevor House Condominium c/o National Realty Partners on August 17, 2018. 

DPC 9. Why had the community not been informed of this before? Why are decisions made without involving the community?
See answers (Decision/Process/Communication, answer DPC1) and (Construction/Design, answer CD4). The design committee was formed soon after the August meeting referenced in answer 1 of this section. The first design committee was held in December of 2018.

DPC 10. Where can we obtain current 1. The environmental study 2. The traffic study 3. Any other pertinent studies used to make the decisions.
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW13). 

DPC 11. What does the Silver Line have to do with this?
The elementary schools in the Oakton High School pyramid do not have room for all the students who reside in the pyramid. Currently, more than 200 students from the Oakton HS pyramid attend elementary schools in the South Lakes High School pyramid. In addition, the South Lakes HS pyramid will be affected by new development associated with the Silver Line Metro, and FCPS needs to ensure that these new students have space to be educated.

DPC 12. Why do we need to accommodate other communities and (negatively) affect our own neighborhood?
As of yet, the boundaries have not been determined. However, our intention is to create a school where a high number of students are able to walk to school 

DPC 13. When the land was transferred to Board of Supervisors in 2006, did the School Board receive any compensation? If so, how much?
FCPS conveyed a significant quantity of property throughout the county to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) in 2006 in exchange for an increase in capital funding of $25M annually. 

DPC 14. How will FCPS improve transparency on its decisions (such as site selection criteria and analysis) and community input going forward?
The project has been identified for more than 6 years within the FCPS CIP which is approved and adopted by both the School Board and the BOS. The funding for the planning of the project was included in the 2017 Bond Referendum and approved by voters. When the site was selected, FCPS staff met with local HOA representatives to inform them of the decision and to form a design committee to gather input from the homeowners who would be directly affected by the school. This committee will continue to meet until the final designs are completed.

DPC 15. Have you considered how this school will impact the local housing values?
School Board Policy 8130.7 lists factors that may be considered when consolidating schools, redistricting school boundaries, or adopting pupil assignment plans. Policy 8130.7 does not list local housing values as one of the factors to consider.

When the site was selected, FCPS staff met with local HOA representatives to inform them of the decision and form a design committee to gather input from the homeowners who would be directly affected by the school. This committee will continue to meet until the final designs are completed. 

DPC 16. How much park acreage?
The school site is approximately 10 acres. The greenspace acreage on the preliminary building and site plan has yet to be determined. This will be a topic of conversation with the design committee.

DPC 17. What was the site selection process used? Have all alternative options been considered, from office building reuse, to boundary adjustments, to exploring all aspects of using the “Stonehurst/Circle Towers” site, including access easements across FCPA land?
The Blake Lane property was proffered as a school site as a condition of the development which surrounds the property. The decision regarding the site location was made jointly between the County and FCPS. There is not sufficient funding to purchase other property.

DPC 18. Dog park?
See answer (Environment, answer E4).

DPC 19. When you decided between the two sites did you even think about that you were destroying a park?
The site is a school site, which is currently being used by the Park Authority. The Park Authority has stated that they had no intention of developing the property and in fact, the construction of the school allows them the opportunity to collaborate with FCPS in developing additional facilities to meet community needs.

DPC 20. If more kids will go to Hunter Woods due to Silver Line, why is a new school not being built out in that area?
The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-24 (Page 44 and 45) propose a new school near the Silver Line Metro. As discussed previously, our goal is to allow the Oakton High School pyramid cohorts to stay together throughout their entire educational careers.  

DPC 21. This site was zoned before the communities were built. Why not buy land?
The site was proffered or given to FCPS and the County as a condition of the development. 

DPC 22. When will formal transfer of land back to School Board take place? How much will it cost?
Legal counsel from the County and School Board are currently having discussions regarding the transfer. There is no expectation that there will be an exchange of funds for the land transfer.

DPC 23. How was the decision made to build a school on this site without conducting a traffic study beforehand?
See answer (Traffic/Walking, answer TW12).

DPC 24. Site: Why this site was chosen over the other site (is the other site feasible, and if not why not?)
See answer (CIP Funding, answer CIP3). 

DPC 25. Alternate options: Why there are not boundary changes or other options available that do not require an additional school to be built, which also comes with additional operating expense.
The CIP (pages 77, 89, 101, 113, and 125) includes a list of potential solutions to consider to alleviate current and projected school capacity deficits. For consideration purposes, as many options as possible have been identified for each school, in no significant order, and may be contingent on other potential solutions listed. Any options chosen for implementation will be discussed and decided through a transparent process with the appropriate stakeholders, in accordance with School Board Policies and Regulations. 
These solutions include:

  • Increase efficiency by reassigning instructional spaces within a school to accommodate increase in membership.
  • Possible program changes.
  • Minor interior facility modifications to create additional instructional space and help to accommodate capacity deficit.
  • Add temporary classrooms to accommodate short-term capacity deficit.
  • Repurpose existing inventory of school facilities not currently being used as schools.
  • Capacity enhancement through either a modular or building addition.
  • A new Fairfax/Oakton Area Elementary School has been proposed for planning in the 2017 Bond Referendum to provide capacity relief within the area.
  • Potential boundary adjustment with schools having a capacity surplus.

DPC 26. Park and Community Use: What will be protected on the Park Authority portion (dog park, community access to the park land). Does the school need to own the entire site?
The Park Authority is committed to working with both FCPS as well as the community to develop the site to allow for both school and community use.

DPC 27. Outreach: Several people came up to share that their HOAs are next to the site, and they were not contacted.
See answer (Decision/Process/Communication, answer DPC1).

DPC 28. Process and Voting: What is the decision-making and voting process moving forward on the different board and planning commission?
The project has been included in the FCPS CIP for more than 6 years. The CIP is approved and adopted by both the School Board and the Board of Supervisors. As the project moves forward, adjacent property owners will have the ability to comment on the proposed site plan as well. FCPS projects undergo the same review process as private development.

DPC 29. Proffer/Legal Process: This is a very unusual process as the site was proffered in the 1970s, transferred back to the county in 2005, and is now listed as a Public Park in the Planning District. It is unclear whether the deed states a condition of a school, and what that means legally as a requirement.
The current deed stipulates that the site be used for a school and the current zoning reflects that it is zoned Institutional.

DPC: 30. What is the role of the City of Fairfax Board?

FCPS and the City of Fairfax have entered a School Services Agreement to continue to manage and operate the schools. Members of the City School Board collaborate with their County School Board colleagues through regular, ongoing communication, participation in regional and state School Board meetings and conferences, and an annual City/County Board meeting. Please refer to the links below for more information:

Key elements of the School Services agreement: https://www.fcps.edu/committee/city-fairfax-school-board

School Services Agreement: http://cityoffairfaxschools.org/city-of-fairfax-schools/school-services-agreement-with-fcps/

City of Fairfax School Board: http://cityoffairfaxschools.org/school-board/

Blake Lane Deed and Agreement

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