Veterinary Studies and Pet Care - New ACE Courses

Explore the NEW Veterinary Studies and Pet Care courses offered during Summer 2018!

Pet Care

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

This course will go over basic pet health issues: dental care, grooming, nutrition, plus general warning signs. Receive tips for choosing a vet, boarding kennel, or pet sitter.

$89 - Total Cost

Date: Tuesday, July 31
Time: 5-10 p.m.
Location: Plum Center

Introduction to Pet CPR

Your pet is unconscious, you are frantic to help, but what do you do? You can’t call 911. Let us teach you the guidelines for determining when a pet needs CPR and the basic steps to resuscitation. The variations between cats and dogs is included.

$59 - Total Cost

Date: Saturday, June 2
Time: 9 a.m-noon
Location: Plum Center

How to Talk With Your Vet

Veterinary appointments for your furry family members can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming and you may feel like you leave with more questions than you came in with. This class aims to help pet owners better prepare themselves so that they can make the most out of their appointment slot.

$49 - Total Cost

Date: Wednesday, June 20
Time: 7-10 p.m.
Location: Plum Center

Reptiles as Pets: Choosing and Caring for Your Pet Reptile

Reptiles have unique needs. Learn the pros and cons of owning a reptile as a pet, helpful hints for caring for your reptile, and for keeping them healthy and happy.

$59 - Total Cost

Date: Saturday, July 7
Time: 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Location: Plum Center

Getting to Know Bearded Dragons

Come meet a bearded dragon and learn about the breed’s intuitiveness plus how to care for them. “Beardies” make great pets, especially in households where family members have allergies to fur and feathers.

$49 - Total Cost

Date: Tuesday, June 12
Time: 7-9 p.m
Location: Edison HS