Salary Scales

Salary Scales for FY 17

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FCPS salary scales are approved by the Fairfax County School Board each fiscal year.

FCPS has three base compensation plans. This includes salary scales for teachers, instructional assistants, and support employees (Unified Scale). All three scales are organized in a grade-step configuration. Employees are classified by position into pay grades and move up a step in their grade on their anniversary date when the approved budget includes step increases for eligible employees.

Substitutes, homebound teachers, temporary hourly assignments, and coaches are compensated based on the hourly and supplemental compensation plans.

FY 2017

The School Board approved the FY 2017 Approved Budget which includes a step increase for all eligible employees and a one percent market scale adjustment for all employees. The FY 2017 Approved Budget also includes an additional $40 million investment to improve teacher salaries based on the Compensation Study's market analysis findings.

All eligible teacher and instructional assistant scale employees receive step increases at the beginning of their contract.

All eligible unified scale employees receive step increases on their anniversary date.

Employees can find their anniversary date in UConnect - Employee Service - My Job - Next Anniversary Date.

FY 17 Scale Teacher Salary Scales

FY 17 Instructional Assistant Scales

Unified Scale Employees

Administrative and Support Unified Salary Scales

Other Scales

These scales are not eligible for step increases.

School Board Compensation Plan

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