Winter Round 2019-20 Test Information

calendar imageTesting Calendar for 2019-20

Please note the important dates for applications, testing and semifinalist round:

  • September 2-27 - Applications Available
  • Saturday, November 9 - Winter Round Test Day
    • November 15 - Accommodations Test Day
  • Saturday, February 8 - Semifinalist - SIS/Essay Test Day


Semi-Finalist Informationcreative

In order to qualify for the semifinalist pool, a student must have:

  • Overall GPA of at least 3.0 (based upon final marks for 7th grade and 1st quarter 8th grade in core subjects)
  • Mathematical Reasoning- at least 50th percentile on Quant-Q
  • Reading- at least 75th percentile on Aspire
  • Science- at least 75th percentile on Aspire

            AND one of the following:

  • Mathematical Reasoning- at least 75th percentile on Quant-Q


  • Science- at least 90th percentile on Aspire


Test Specifics

* Please note: There will be a break between the Quant-Q math test and the start of the Aspire - Reading test portions.

* Please note: Aspire tests will have multiple choice as well as constructed response-type questions.