Academy and North Tier Course Drop Information

Information about how to drop a University or Academy Course.

University Course Information

Failure to pass or complete any university course will result in the participant’s repayment of course fees to FCPS in the amount of $800.00. Participants should contact the offering university for class drop procedures. It is the employee’s responsibility to reimburse FCPS for any tuition charges incurred because of late drop requests to a university.

Academy Course Drop Information

To drop a course, follow the procedures listed below:

Click on MyPLT to log in

  • Click on the My Courses tab
  • Click on the Withdraw button next to the class
  • Click on the Withdraw button to confirm
  • Click OK
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the withdrawal

Participants must withdraw before the times listed below in order to avoid failing a class:

  • 1-credit course = second class
  • 2-credit course = third class
  • 3-credit course = fourth class

Individuals with a history of not attending or unsuccessful completion of courses may be wait listed for any course for a period of one year.

At the discretion of the instructor, participants may miss the following classes and still receive credit.

  • Participants may miss 1 class for a 1-credit course and still receive credit.
  • Participants may miss 2 classes for a 2-credit course and still receive credit.
  • Participants may miss 3 classes for a 3-credit course and still receive credit.

North Tier Drop Procedures

North TIER does not charge fees to those who drop before the end of registration. North TIER offers a 90% refund for those who drop during the drop period, which is from the end of registration until 7 days after initial notification from your instructor. There is no refund after the drop period. More information may be found at: