Support Employees


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Fairfax County Public School support employees are eligible to participate in exclusive professional development programs.

Adult and Community Education (ACE)

The ACE emphasis is on career and work readiness along with our premier adult ESOL programs. There is a wide emphasis on technology, health and medical, and trade and industrial programs. Also offered are enrichment programs for K-adult including culinary arts, driver education, and world languages


Seminars and courses are designed to increase skills and knowledge pertaining to support positions while contributing to individual professional growth.  All courses,  including BRIDGES are listed in MyPDE

FCPS/FCG Middle Managers’ Roundtable (MMRT)

The FCPS/FCG Middle Managers’ Roundtable (MMRT) is a program for middle managers sponsored by the Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement and the Fairfax County Government (FCG) Department of Administration for Human Services and Public Safety.

This eight month program provides skill development in critical thinking, management, and leadership. The 21st century manager and leader will face unique challenges and opportunities, and the MMRT is designed to help participants meet these emerging issues and needs.

Participants are provided with networking opportunities within the cohort as well as throughout the enterprises of both government sectors; and critical thinking skills are developed through participation in a structured cohort project.

Supporting Success

An eight-week professional development program provided by the Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement for support employees of Fairfax County Public Schools.  The program provides an opportunity for employees to learn more about the departments, offices and school-based functions of FCPS with the goal of making them more knowledgeable in their positions. It fosters the building of a network of colleagues through a rich and diverse cohort setting and gives participants a wider perspective of opportunities available as they continue their careers with Fairfax County Public Schools.