IRS Form 1095 Coming Soon

FCPS Employees to Receive Form 1095 by late February!

FCPS employees and retirees who were enrolled in FCPS health plan coverage (or who were eligible for coverage but did not enroll) will receive IRS-Form 1095-C in late February. Much like Form W-2 and Form 1099, which include information about the income you received, Form 1095 provides information regarding your health insurance eligibility and enrollment.

While the information on this form may assist with preparing your tax return, the Internal Revenue Service has stated you will not need to submit these forms with your tax return. You should keep the forms for your records with your other important tax documents.

If you have questions regarding how these forms impact your tax return preparation, please check with your tax professional. For questions, please contact the Office of Benefit Services at 571-423, 3200, option 3, to speak with a representative.

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