Strategic Plan Data Information

The following tables highlight the data sources ECRA used to develop the components of the Fairfax County Public Schools Strategic Plan.

Archival Data

Aligning our Practices with Key Drivers for Student Success PowerPoint March 2014
Entry Plan for Superintendent Karen Garza August 2013
Fairfax County School Board Strategic Governance Manual November 2013
Fairfax County Public Schools Portrait of a Graduate February 2014
Fairfax County Public Schools Professional Learning Community Survey Results March 2014
Fairfax County Youth Survey School Year 2012-2013 September 2013
FY 2014 Approved Budget July 2013
FY 2015 Proposed Budget January 2013
HYA Executive Search Leadership Profile Report January 2013
Passages: Benchmarking our Students’ Achievement June 2013
School Efficiency Review of Fairfax County Public Schools September 2013
Senior Level Leadership Study May 2014
Socio-Economic Tipping Point Study of Elementary Schools June 2014
Strategic Governance Manual Monitoring Reports April 2013–April 2014

Interview and Focus Groups*

School Board and Superintendent Interviews March 2014
Student Focus Groups April 2014
Parent Focus Groups April 2014
Employee Focus Groups April 2014, March 2015
Community Focus Groups April 2014
*865 individuals participated in interviews or focus groups  

Stakeholder Surveys**

Student Survey May 2014
Parent Survey May 2014
Employee Survey May 2014, March 2015, June 2015
Community Survey May 2014
**28,450 stakeholders participated in the survey  


School Board Retreat July 2014
Leadership Team Retreat July 2014
Leadership Team Retreat November 2014
School Board Retreat February 2015
School Board Retreat April 2015
Leadership Team Retreat April 2015
Leadership Team Retreat May 2015

Work Sessions

Work Session #19 September 2014
Work Session # 24 October 2014
Work Session # 47 November 2014
Work Session # 64 January 2015
Work Session # 109 May 2015
Work Session # 126 June 2015