Title I Faculty Family Engagement Leaders (FELs)

Faculty members serve as conduits to enhance engagement practices in Title I communities

Title I schools designate faculty members to serve as leaders in developing schools’ family engagement practices. These individuals support schools in meeting federal family engagement expectations and receive access to information, training, and resources to enhance family engagement within their schools.

Roles and Responsibilities of FELs

  • Access and share information, training, and resources to enhance family engagement within schools.
  • Develop and foster a line of communication with school administrators, clinical support staff (social workers, school counselors, parent liaisons, etc.), central resource staff, and parent leaders within Title I schools.
  • Support schools in meeting federal expectations for informing and involving families, including an annual meeting with information about Title I.
  • Assist in planning and carrying out a process to involve parents in annual review and revision of school plans.
  • Serve as a point of contact for the central Title I team for information and ideas related to family engagement.
  • Provide insights into barriers to family engagement within FCPS and specific communities and offer suggestions for how to overcome these barriers.
  • Facilitate and participate in reflective discussions among staff and parents to refine and enhance family engagement as a strategy to support student and school success.