Strategic Plan: Closing the Achievement Gap Framework

Strategic Plan 2015-20


Academic Support

image of the Closing the Achievement Gap drivers connected like a circle puzzle

GOAL: Increase Hispanic and black students’ performance in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, as measured by designated assessments (currently the Standards of Learning tests) to reach a pass rate of 90% or more.

• Provide school staff with resources and strategies to support all students in achieving the outcomes of Portrait of a Graduate.
• Provide professional development and technical assistance to expand schools’ capacities to assess student progress and respond effectively to students’ needs. Expand targeted support to schools with the largest gaps in student achievement.

Access to Rigor

GOAL: The percent of Hispanic and black students accessing advanced curriculum offerings will reach the proportion of each respective demographic group in the total student population.

• Expand academic support programs to assist underrepresented students to access and succeed in advanced academic offerings.
• Provide professional development to expand the capacity of FCPS staff to support students in developing the critical thinking, literacy, and mathematics skills as well as academic habits necessary for success in advanced curriculum offerings.

College and Career Readiness

GOAL: Increase the percent of Hispanic and black students who graduate with an advanced studies diploma, earn industry credentials, and attend two and four year colleges.

• Expand outreach, provide information, and support Hispanic and black families regarding post-secondary college and career options, the admission and application process, and the availability of financial aid and scholarships.
• Enhance staff’s capacity to assist underrepresented students to successfully access and succeed in courses that prepare students for post-secondary opportunities to ease transition to college or career.

Family and Community Involvement

GOAL: The percent of parents/guardians of Hispanic and black students accessing family engagement offerings will reach the proportion of each respective demographic group in the total student population. Participants will indicate that their engagement has benefited their children’s education.

• Support schools in developing a parent engagement plan that addresses the needs of families in the community, including specific outreach to the families of black and Hispanic students.
• Expand existing federally-funded parent engagement programs such as Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Early Literacy, Family Literacy, Partners in Print, and Parents as Educational Partners in response to parent interest and geographical need.

Ready to Learn

GOAL: Hispanic and black students will enter kindergarten with language, literacy and school readiness skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten.

• Increase early childhood education offerings and explore collaborative methods to expand access for students in poverty by offering more sites at FCPS and non-FCPS locations.
• Enhance partnerships with families and non-FCPS preschool and childcare programs to provide the early learning necessary for school readiness and the transition to kindergarten.


GOAL: Hispanic and black students will be supported by positive, encouraging relationships with their teachers, and will be provided with a learning environment in which they are supported in learning at high levels.

• Support schools in building and sustaining a welcoming, caring, and responsive culture where staff and students work together to achieve at high levels.
• Provide personalized supports for all Hispanic and black students who are not meeting designated achievement benchmarks through mentoring, peer group supports, counseling, and other programs.