Video Resources for Educators

Video Resources that Support Teaching and Learning

Book Talks

Fairfax County Public School librarians give book talks and present ideas for incorporating a variety of well-known books into classroom lessons.

Best Practices for Teaching and Learning

This collection of videos explores various instructional strategies that improve student engagement and achievement in the K-12 classroom.

Discourse Strategies for Inquiry Science

This video series shows how discourse can clarify misconceptions and help students take risks in a structured environment with many support pieces in place.

The Power of Literacy

This video series encourages an understanding of the writing process, student engagement, and showcases strategies and methods used in the approach to literacy.

Teach 2 Teach: Caring Cultures

This video demonstrates how to create a caring culture with Dance For Kindness.

Teach 2 Teach: Project-Based Learning (PBL)

This video series shows how problem-based learning sparks students’ interests and helps them apply knowledge they are learning in school to real life situations.

Teach 2 Teach: Special Education Instruction

This video series explores instructional strategies to improve student learning.

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