School-Based Summer Intervention Opportunities

Offering opportunities for every student to start off the school year right!

Free Bridge to K (B2K) and Young Scholars (YS) Summer Camps will be offered at select FCPS schools this summer. At most sites, B2K will be offered Monday-Friday, July 9-27; YS will be offered Monday-Thursday, July 9-26. They focus on:

  • Building the skills, habits, and knowledge needed to be successful in future academic pursuits.
  • Making progress towards on-time graduation.
  • Encouraging students to establish and maintain a habit of reading throughout the summer.

These programs are by invitation only and families of eligible students will be contacted by the school offering the program. Transportation will be provided for students.

Bridge to K Summer Camp

Bridge to K is a summer camp for rising kindergartners who were on the FECEP-Head Start waitlist or who have been identified as not having PreK experience. Students have the opportunity to develop executive function skills and school behaviors through participation in circle games and other learning experiences. This camp includes parent involvement opportunities and is intended to promote a smooth transition to kindergarten for students and families. The three-week camp will be offered at selected elementary schools and serves approximately 1,200 students.

Young Scholars Summer Camp

Students in Young Scholars (YS) summer camps are offered an academically stimulating setting that extends learning and builds problem-solving skills in order to prepare them for rigorous coursework and advanced academic experiences during the following school year and beyond. Students engage in high level curricula that explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, and learn about possibilities for future STEM-related careers. The three-week camp will be offered at selected elementary schools and middle schools and serves approximately 2,100 students.