High School Student Learning Plan (SLP)

High School Student Learning Plan (SLP)

Each year, in grades 9-12, students will complete the following required tasks:

  • Develop a new Academic SMART goal and continuously reflect on progress
  • Develop an Ethical and Global Citizen SMART goal and continuously reflect on progress
  • Update the Resume with new activities and/or accomplishments
  • Review and/or Revise the four-year Course Plan for high school
  • Complete/Review and/or Revise the Game Plan for after high school

In addition for each grade level, students will:

  • 9th grade - Complete reflections from the StrengthExplorer assessment results in an effort to build on strengths and explore careers related to those themes
  • 10th grade - Complete Career Interest Profiler to discover careers that match interests
  • 11th grade - Complete reflection questions upon the review of the Career Cluster Finder results
  • 12th grade - Update Favorite Careers & Clusters

Recommended activities for High School students:

  • Reflected on progress of SMART Goals and record in a journal entry
  • Participate in recommended 10 service learning hours and document hours
  • Research work-based experiences (job shadowing, internships, etc) based on careers of interest and record experiences in Resume