Flight School Series

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Partnership: Flight School Series

The Flight School series examines historical, scientific, and technological aspects of aviation and its impact on exploration, communication, commerce, and national defense. Each program integrates science, technology, engineering, physics, math, and other fields of study. Students, in grades 4-8, meet pilots, engineers, and astronauts; and are introduced to museum curators and cool artifacts, as a team of educators identify scientific principles that make controlled, heavier-than-air flight possible.

These programs are available on DVD—free of charge—to educational institutions. You may request any two (2) free DVDs by sending your request on school, agency, or organization letterhead. Send your request to:

Faithe Smith
Fairfax Network
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Sprague Technology Center 
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Print the list of free National Air & Space Museum Partnership DVDs (pdf).

Flight School 1: Inspired to FlyAvailable on YouTube
Students meet historians, engineers, pilots, and air traffic controllers who discuss the principles and practices of early powered flight and the connections to modern aviation.

Flight School 2: Higher, Faster, Farther!Available on YouTube
This program explores revolutionary innovations in flight speed, distance, and aviation technology, as well as showcase many of the pioneering women and men of yesterday and today who made it all possible.

Flight School 3: Blast Off!!!Available on YouTube
This program examines the history of rocket-propelled flight, the space race, lunar landing, and the space shuttle program.

Flight School 4: From AboveAvailable on YouTube
Students explore what flying above the Earth teaches about the planet and its inhabitants. They also meet the people and the vehicles that help us study the Earth from above.

Flight School 5: On the Red PlanetAvailable on YouTube • Video (MP4) Download Request
This program explores how scientists are studying the Red Planet, the kind of valuable information being collected, and what that information tells us about our own planet.

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