Woodlawn ES to Fort Belvoir ES Approved Boundary Adjustment

Boundary Adjustment Effective 2016-17

At its May 26 Regular Business Meeting, the School Board approved the boundary adjustment to reassign elementary students, who reside in Woodlawn Village, from Woodlawn ES to Fort Belvoir ES effective for the 2016-17 school year. This boundary adjustment will contribute to the efficiency of the school division and to increase instructional effectiveness by balancing enrollment and utilization of school facilities.

Fort Belvoir Elementary School is currently being has been renovated and expanded to enable all elementary school-aged children of Fort Belvoir families to attend the school as their base school. The construction was paid for by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Defense and additional funds from Fairfax County. The expansion increases the capacity at Fort Belvoir Elementary to approximately 1,594 students, allowing FCPS to address both current and future capacity issues on the base and allow for enrollment growth. The expansion will be completed in September 2016.


  • April 19 at Woodlawn ES Community Meeting
  • May 5 at Woodley Hills ES Community Meeting
  • May 9 Fairfax County School Board Work Session to discuss proposed boundary adjustment
  • May 17 Public hearing at Jackson MS
  • May 26 School Board vote

For more information:

Map of the proposed boundary study area.