West Potomac Academy Dance Students Learn from Professional Dancer Adolpho Blaire

School News
November 23, 2020

As part of the West Potomac Academy Dance master class program, students learned about careers in dance and participated in a virtual mock dance audition with New York City-based performer, director, choreographer, and educator Adolpho Blaire.  He talked about the various career paths for a dancer, including musical theater, commercial dancer, and company dancer.  Blaire talked about the next steps students could take after high school and how to search for the correct dance program to further their careers.  Blaire also reviewed the audition process for a dancer in a variety of scenarios; he also held a full mock audition for a commercial where students would be auditioning for a backup dancer role. He provided them with choreography which they learned and performed with a partner. There was also an improv section of the audition where students were asked to just dance and show their personality and what they can do.  Following the audition process, Blaire provided feedback just as in a real audition.  As a professional dancer and choreographer, Blaire has performed in in regional musical theater productions, and teaches acting, audition technique, cabaret performance, and dance. Contact Maria Kappel at makappel@fcps.edu