Twenty-Three Schools Recognized as Common Sense Schools

News Release
September 04, 2019

During the 2018-19 school year, 23 Fairfax County public schools earned Common Sense Recognition for demonstrating a whole-community approach to digital citizenship.  

Access to digital tools and opportunities for students continues to grow in FCPS and along with that is the need for students to learn how to use technology safely, responsibly, and ethically.  Fairfax County Public Schools promotes a culture of shared responsibility for preparing students to think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate, while limiting the perils that exist in the online realm, such as plagiarism, loss of privacy, and cyberbullying.  

Common Sense is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology. Many additional schools are actively working to earn recognition.  

The FCPS recognized schools include:

  • Aldrin Elementary School.
  • Laurel Hill Elementary School.
  • Brookfield Elementary School.
  • Navy Elementary School.
  • Chesterbrook Elementary School.
  • Newington Forest Elementary School.
  • Clearview Elementary School.
  • Oakton High School.
  • Clermont Elementary School.
  • Carson Middle School.
  • Crossfield Elementary School.
  • Ravensworth Elementary School.
  • Cunningham Park Elementary School.
  • Sangster Elementary School.
  • Forestdale Elementary School.
  • Stone Middle School.
  • Frost Middle School.
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.
  • Hayfield Elementary School.
  • Willow Springs Elementary School.
  • Hayfield Secondary School.
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School.
  • Holmes Middle School.

These schools have been using Common Sense Education's research-based digital citizenship resources, created in collaboration with researchers from Project Zero, led by Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The resources teach students, educators, and parents tangible skills related to internet safety, protecting online reputations and personal privacy, media balance, managing online relationships, and media literacy. 

More information about the criteria to become recognized as a Common Sense School is available online

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