Twenty-Eight High School Students Named to VMEA Honors Musical Groups

News Release
November 08, 2019

Twenty-eight students from 11 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) high schools have been named to the 2019 Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA) Senior Honors Choir, All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble, All-Virginia Jazz Band, and All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble. These groups will perform at the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs in free concerts that are open to the public.

The Guitar Ensemble will perform on Thursday, November 21, at 1:45 p.m.  The Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Band will perform on Thursday, November 21, at 1 p.m. The Honors Choir will perform on Saturday, November 23, at 1 p.m. 

Students from throughout Virginia went through a rigorous audition process to compete for a spot in the jazz band, guitar ensemble, or chorus. Students will rehearse with expert conductors and musicians to prepare for Saturday’s concert.

FCPS students selected for the groups in 2019 are:

  • Matthew Baker, Jazz Ensemble, Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • Sam Barbaro, Jazz Band, South Lakes High School
  • Michael D’Ambrosio, Guitar, Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • Claire Doody, Chorus, Langley High School
  • Elise Ebert, Chorus, Marshall High School
  • Alexandra Gosser, Chorus, Woodson High School
  • Cynthia Hu, Chorus, Langley High School
  • Lillie Jerome, Chorus Alternate, Chantilly High School
  • Mary Keating, Chorus, Langley High School
  • Yumi Kim, Chorus, West Springfield High School
  • Neha Krishnakumar, Chorus, Woodson High School
  • Michaela Marin, Chorus, Marshall High School
  • Lydia Matson, Chorus, Woodson High School
  • Joanne Moon, Chorus, Chantilly High School
  • Rishi Pania, Chorus, Marshall High School
  • Alex Park, Chorus, West Springfield High School
  • Bonnie Pohland, Chorus, Woodson High School
  • Darien Roby, Chorus, Justice High School
  • Grace Schmorrow, Chorus, Marshall High School
  • Aidan Smith, Chorus, South Lakes High School
  • Mathuin Smith, Jazz Ensemble, Chantilly High School
  • Cole Thomas, Chorus Alternate, Marshall High School 
  • Kevon Thompson, Chorus, South County High School
  • Maia Trafton, Jazz Band, Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • Megan Vandre, Chorus, Langley High School
  • Charles Wolfer, Chorus, Fairfax High School
  • Matthew Verich, Jazz Band, West Potomac High School
  • Kaylie Yim, Chorus, Langley High School

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