Third Graders at Wakefield Forest Participate in Architecture in the Schools

School News
November 07, 2018

students working with architectThird grade students at Wakefield Forest Elementary are participating in hands-on learning as they use their knowledge of ancient Egyptian history, art, and architecture to construct a scaled Nile River map model under the guidance of representatives of Architecture in the Schools (AIS). AIS matches volunteer architects with public school teachers to enrich learning experiences for children. At Wakefield Forest, the architects first introduced the students to 2D drawings, beginning with sketches and moving to plans, sections, and elevations. A study of Egyptian residential architecture followed, during which students learned how climate influences architecture and how residential forms should maximize comfort.  They then used standard architectural media to draw plans and elevations of their ideal home in Ancient Egypt, and once they drafted their blueprints for scale, built their homes out of clay. The model will contain more than residences. After exploring Egyptian funerary practices, the students will construct their own scaled pyramid that will be part of the final display. Additionally, they will be introduced to non-funerary Egyptian monuments and the civic building culture of Ancient Egypt, leading to the construction of obelisks, the Sphinx, and an ancient Pharaoh Nile barge. The Nile River map model will be displayed at the Washington Architecture Foundation in December. Contact Tina Cannon at 703-503-2300 or