Teacher Features Contributions of Black Americans During African American History Month

School News
February 13, 2018

teacher with display of Black AmericansWoodley Hills Elementary music teacher Courtney Tucker has a full wall display of African Americans who have made a positive contribution to the U.S. in honor of Black History Month.  Tucker says, “To me representation is everything. For kids to see themselves being represented in a positive light, especially as a person of color, is singlehandedly the most important job that we as educators should ensure. To see the faces of children light up when they see a person who looks like them on the wall who has accomplished what people thought of as the unthinkable is truly a wonder to see. There are so many figures in Black History that go unnoticed or are misunderstood. I wanted to make sure that their stories were told, that their hard work and sacrifice was acknowledged, and that we as people can understand the privilege that we are afforded because of their sacrifice.”  Contact news liaison Ana Conde at amconde@fcps.edu