April 25, 2022

UPDATE: For current information, please see the StreamIN/CheckIN webpage


StreamIN/CheckIN is FCPS’ solution for providing meaningful instructional support to students who are isolated due to COVID-19. These students may be out of school for up to 10 days, and we are committed to supporting them. No later than Day 3 of a student’s COVID-related absence, schools will provide student supports that include: 

  • Livestreaming (StreamIN) of direct instruction via Zoom or Google Meet. Teachers may choose to record lessons instead of livestreaming. This is NOT concurrent or hybrid learning. The remote student’s camera and audio will be off, but they will be able to watch and listen. 
  • Asynchronous access to class assignments.
  • Interactive check-ins with teachers every other school day for academic and social-emotional support. Students will also have weekly check-ins with an assigned staff member.

Start Date for StreamIN/CheckIN

StreamIN/CheckIN will be implemented no later than Monday, September 27. After that date, teachers will begin to livestream no later than Day 3 of a student being paused, quarantined, or isolated. 

If the teacher is already streaming for another student, access may be available sooner. Teachers may choose to record sessions instead of livestreaming them. Please note that StreamIN/CheckIN will not be provided unless a student within a class has been isolated due to COVID-19 diagnosis. These supports are NOT available to students who are absent from school for any other reason. 

StreamIN v. Concurrent Teaching

Concurrent instruction is two-way. It requires teachers to actively teach students who are physically in the classroom while simultaneously teaching students who are at home. Teachers engage with both sets of students. Remote students are able to engage with teachers and classmates, respond to questions, and actively participate in small-group work.

StreamIN is one-way only. The remote student’s camera and audio will be off, but they will be able to watch and listen. 

Classes That Will Be Streamed and/or Recorded

StreamIN/CheckIN allows elementary students to watch and listen to their language arts and math classes in real-time and/or access the recorded sessions. Secondary students will be able to watch and listen to their whole group direct instruction in all classes areas other than PE, and/or access recorded lessons.

StreamIN/CheckIN and Special Education

StreamIN/CheckIN will also occur in the special education setting. FCPS' Special Services team will be working with individual classroom settings to help put this process into place. 

Confidentiality Concerns 

Families are not required to participate in StreamIN. Families with confidentiality concerns can participate in predetermined asynchronous work, as well as teacher check-ins. 

Instructional Materials

Teachers will make the materials assigned during the class available, via Schoology, to any student not physically present.

Elementary Science and Social Studies

For elementary schools, our primary focus is on supporting language arts and math while students are paused, quarantined, or in isolation. StreamIN/CheckIN will not be available for elementary science and social studies classes. Adding these additional classes would increase teacher workload at a time when teachers are already stretched.

Why isn't StreamIN/CheckIN available to any student who wants to participate? 

StreamIN/CheckIN is a temporary way for students who are isolated due to COVID-19 to keep up with their classwork. We are excited to have 99% of our students participating in five days of in-person learning. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure our students and staff are safe, and encourage everyone to do their part to help keep our schools open.