South County HS Latin Students Demonstrate Knowledge of Language, Culture

School News
June 04, 2020

Nineteen South County High Latin students recently took the 2020 National Latin Exam and received awards for their knowledge of the language and culture.  Winners were: Latin I: Madeline Alexander, Silver Maxima Cum Laude; Lily Lai, Gold Summa Cum Laude; Latin II, Addison Burris, Gold Summa Cum Laude; Claire Gribschaw, Saiesha Gohil, Ainsley Logar, Travis Kiser, and Bethany Daniel, Silver Maxima Cum Laude; Lydia Addisalem, Maxima Cum Laude; JaeWoon Jeong, Meredit Zeigler, JaeWan Jung, and Carissa Christensen, Cum Laude; Latin III: Kimberly Haque, Silver Maxima Cum Laude; Aurelia Klunder, Nikhil Aggarwal, Andrew Shultz, and Faith Park, Magna Cum Laude; Latin V: Fiona Burris. Cum Laude.Fairfax County Latin teachers were instrumental in starting the tradition of the National Latin Exam under the sponsorship of the American Classical League. FCPS teachers and retired teachers still play an important role in the organization of the National Latin Exam. Awards are given to students who score well on the exam.  There are four categories of winners:  (1) Cum Laude  (2) Magna Cum Laude  (3) Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal) and (4) Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal).  A perfect paper award is given as well.   The tests consists of 40 multiple choice questions which cover all aspects of Latin study including grammar, syntax, vocabulary, derivatives, mythology, history, and daily life of the Romans.  There is also a portion of the exam devoted to testing reading skills. Contact M.C. Moshos at