Seventy-Three Middle School Students Named to 2020 All-Virginia Middle School Chorus

May 06, 2020

Seventy-three students from Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) middle schools were named to the 2020 All-Virginia Middle School Chorus. This group had been scheduled to perform on Saturday, April 25, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, but the performances were cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Students from throughout Virginia went through a rigorous audition process to compete for a spot in the chorus. Students selected for this ensemble were to have rehearsed with a nationally recognized expert conductor to prepare for their performance.

FCPS students selected for the 2020 All-Virginia Middle School Chorus are:

  • Carson Middle School: Sri Allam, Om Arya, Adarsh Bhardawaj, Nicholas Boswell, Sansh Chawla, Vaishnavi Desabatla, Ashley Ding, T. Liden Krush, Emma Mathew, Sofia Mutarelli, Spoorthi Nadkarni, Harper Nave, Shikha Raghuram, Vishwa Rakasi, Shreya Sahu, Alexandra Seemueller, and Manashaa Shan. 
  • Franklin Middle School: Ellalee Bullock.
  • Frost Middle School: Max Goldsmith, Emily Hudders, Sarah Hymans, Yasmin Kudrati-Plummer, Joaquin Najar, Carlos Ramirez, Charlotte Reymann, Brandon Spratt, and Claire Warden.
  • Glasgow Middle School: Colt Armstrong, Madeline Jensen, Juliette Jensen, Gabriela Simmons-Robles, and Madison Okada.
  • Herndon Middle School: Sumner Langston.
  • Holmes Middle School: Lina Abuelhawa, Jordan Dixon, Jamison McAndrew, Drew McKenna, Tyler Miller, and Madeline Vukich.
  • Hughes Middle School: Ashley Gurney and August Rivers. 
  • Jackson Middle School: Gina Huang, Ella Kim, and Daniel Miller.
  • Kilmer Middle School: Omar Falki, Johnathan Tapia-Urrutia, and Isabella Barnett.
  • Lanier Middle School: Ainsley Buice, Diana Mejia Lopez, Daniel Moir, and Laila Simpson.
  • Longfellow Middle School: Riya Hemanth.
  • Poe Middle School: Amelia Mongold and Bilal Hammod
  • Rocky Run Middle School: Laura Mineo, Grace Paul, and Lillianna McNerney.
  • South County Middle School: Reina Fernandez, Natalie Beasley, Theodore Jones III, Nathan Bach, Jacob Butts, and Ariana Rahman.
  • Stone Middle School: Nicole Lane, Alejandro Cahoon, Justin Pokrant, and Justin Short.
  • Thoreau Middle School: Gianna Gecan, Fortune Picker, Jose Mendoza Blanco, Meher Nalwala, Angelina Remondino, and Cole Seevers.

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