School Board Approves FY 2021-25 Capital Improvement Program

News Release
February 07, 2020

The Fairfax County School Board voted to approve the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) FY 2021-25 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) at its business meeting on February 6.

The FY 2021-25 CIP addresses uneven growth throughout the division because of changes in population, new development, and net migration. It continues to include potential capacity and capital solutions to schools which are currently or projected to be over capacity. 

“The Board is very appreciative of community support for the 2019 School Bond Referendum,” said School Board Chair Karen Corbett Sanders. “Funds approved in the November 2019 referendum combined with funds approved in previous referenda will address approximately $500 million of the five-year CIP requirement.  This will enable us to add capacity through additions, modular additions, renovations, and new construction that address student growth throughout the county. As the district’s needs continue to change, we will be mindful of the need to continue to reduce the number of portable classrooms and provide our students with safe, modern, and efficient facilities.” 

Capital projects are identified for school renovations, additions, and modular additions where needed. The FY 2021-25 CIP identifies construction of a new high school in the western area of the county. It also identifies new school construction of four elementary schools. The 2019 School Bond Referendum provided funding for the construction of one new elementary school, the relocation of one modular addition, construction of three high school additions, and renovations of five elementary schools and two middle schools. The bond also included funding for the planning of one new elementary school and the renovations of five elementary schools.

Funding for capital improvement projects was increased from $155 million to the current $180 million dollar per year cap on school bond sales effective in FY 2019, in collaboration with Fairfax County Government and the Board of Supervisors.

Additional funding sources include $13.1 million from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for infrastructure management and $10 million for routine or major maintenance from FCPS Operating Funds. 

The CIP also reflects FCPS’s commitment to pursuing innovative and cost-effective steps in order to contribute to climate stabilization. As a result, School Board Policy 8542 Environmental Stewardship was adopted with the intent of supporting global environmental initiatives at a local level.  Among the most notable results include:

•    FCPS has most recently achieved an annual reduction of 15 percent in total energy use division-wide in 2018 compared to 2013.  
•    Cumulative energy cost avoidance of more than $25 million has resulted from the reduced energy consumption since 2013. 
•    Annual CO2e emissions (greenhouse gas emissions) over 10 years declined by 64.4 million tons as of 2018, a 27 percent reduction. 
The energy and CO2e reductions have been achieved despite the addition of 870,000 square feet of school building space to accommodate increasing student membership.
Also, at a recent joint retreat of the School Board and Board of Supervisors, the two boards committed to working collaboratively going forward on CIP issues. 

Details about the FY 2021-25 CIP are available online.
Note: For more information, contact the Office of Facilities Planning Services at 571-423-2330.